Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturisers: Review

“Lip balms make me smile” – Potential title of my autobiography.

My Island Lip Moisturisers price, review, where to buy

Not blushers, shoes or lipsticks but lip balms. My lips are so dry that 24*7 TLC is like a drop of water in a desert. I am not exaggerating ladies (and gentlemen) but the heat in Chennai is draining everything out of me. So a good lip balm definitely makes me smile.

If you are sailing on the same boat, the good news is, there are quite a few lip balms available in the market and you can find the dream match for your lips. If you are interested in the organic kind, then Island Kiss has you covered my friend.

Island Kiss has a range of three tinted lip balms which have a distinct flavour and scent of their own.

Island Kiss Lipbalms price, review, where to buy


Price & Quantity: 

Cherry Blossom Flores, Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender: 399 INR for 14 gms

Puerto Berry: 499 INR for 14 gms

Packaging: The packaging of these lip moisturisers are to die for! They remind me of the TheBalm products’ packaging – sassy and fun!


Island kiss lip moisturiser ingredients, review, where to buy in India online

I loved all the scents of these lip moisturisers! The yummy scent of vanilla combined with the calming scent of lavender is just so good!

While these do look like they have some color to them, only Puerto Berry packs a punch. The bright red is gorgeous and can be used as a blush as well when layered with a mattifying powder. It leaves behind a lovely pinkish red stain which is surprisingly good considering it is a lip moisturiser.

Island Kiss lip moisturizer Puerto Berry Blush price, review, where to buy online in India

If you love the scents of vanilla, lavender and cherry blossom as much as I do, then you would love the other two in this collection, although I was slightly disappointed with the imperceptible color pay-off. While both the colors look pretty, when applied on the lips they impart little or no color (depends on how you apply them) and goes on patchy.

Island Kiss lip moisturizer Alma vanilla and Inges lavender price, review, where to buy

These lip moisturisers do not have a waxy feel to them, which is good but they aren’t super duper moisturising as well. So on my dry, chapped lips, without any exfoliation or using a lip balm overnight, these don’t do much. I carry them with me in my handbag because I re-apply the less pigmented ones on top of my lipstick if my lips feel slightly dry. The Puerto Berry (red one) is good to use on it’s own as the color is pretty vivid.

All three lip moisturisers have SPF 15 which is a huge plus point! Lip balms should come with SPF in my opinion and these definitely make it on my list of must-haves for that!

Island Kiss lip moisturizer Cherry Blossom flores price, review, where to buy

Final Word: Overall, thumbs up for the cute packaging and the fact that the Island Kiss lip moisturisers are organic! These aren’t something you could use on extremely chapped, dry lips though and expect a miracle though.

Would I recommend these? Yes, all three have lovely scents and come with SPF and incorporated a lot of safe ingredients. Puerto Berry is a must-have – lovely color to wear during the summer and packaging is da bomb!

Disclaimer: The product was sent by the brand for review consideration. All opinions stated are purely my own and reviews of products are unbiased and purely based on my experience of using them. For more, read Divassence!’s Disclaimer policy.