Inglot Blush Refill No. 27: Review/Swatch/FOTD

What do you do when you find a blush which is reasonably priced, excellent texture-wise and  staying power is more than you would ask for? Pinch yourself to see if it is a dream right? That is exactly what I did when I first tried on an Inglot blush and there has been no looking back since then (except that little pinch did hurt but it was good to know it wasn’t a dream! :P)

Inglot blush refills occupy a very important position in my blush stash. You’ll know why by the end of this post ;).

There are those days when I just want to get done with my makeup in the least amount of time and get out of the house without any hassle. Inglot blush refills are a savior then especially Shade No. 27 which I’ll be reviewing today.

Shade No. 27 in my opinion is a burnt pink with a hint of peach. It does not have any shimmer and is good for everyday wear. It adds a warm color to your cheeks which is good especially in the mornings. I tend to look very pale in the morning and this blush gives me the right amount of warmth and color I need to look healthy. This blush also goes well with ethnic outfits. i would say this blush is a safe bet for those of you who are looking for a good blush that can be worn on any occasion.

Price: 350 INR for 6.5g which is relatively inexpensive compared to price/quantity of blushers in other brands.
Texture-wise the blush scores well. A very fine powdery blush (note: NOT chalky!)which can be blended with minimum efforts. The only negative over here would be the wastage caused while taking the blush on the brush since it is very finely milled and loosely packed.
The blush also scores quite high in the pigmentation department. It is easy to go overboard with this blush and look like as if you’ve been sunburnt or something!! Having said that it is easy to get the blush off from your cheeks too!

And here’s how it looks on me:

The staying power is also good. It lasted on me for 6 hours approximately and it faded away evenly not leaving ugly stain like patches here and there.
The only complaint I have with Inglot blush refills in general are the choice of colors. Yes, all of them are good for everyday wear and are safe colors but I want to see some nice bold colors!! By the way, heard the Carribean collection is launched which has a maroon and orange blush.. can’t wait to try those!! Hopefully they are part of the permanent blush collection!

Final Word: Inglot Refill blushers are definitely something you should try. A winner in every way, this blush has a special place in my stash, for sure!!