Happy Valentine’s Day + Roundup!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! <3 <3 Do you have anything special planned for the day? Well, mine is going to be the same old boring routine which includes work work and more work. Maybe I might plan something for soon to be hubby this weekend. 

Meanwhile, here are a few posts that remind me of Valentine’s Day and which might help you for a day out later today! 😉

Have a wonderful day peeps! <3 :*
Swatch Attack!: 3 Avon Colorbliss Lipsticks:

Avon usually launches 3-4 lipsticks every Valentine’s Day. Here are the 4 gorgeous shades which were an addition to the Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick Collection.

So you have an ensemble in mind. And you’re all up to making it the best you have ever donned. But wait a minute: are you doing this right? Here are 10 big time party-dressing no-nos.  
Pop 6 is brilliant red shade which looks extremely flattering on lips. It has tiny shimmers which gives you a beautiful sheen. 
You get a quick call from your valentine and you need to be somewhere looking neat. You simply aren’t prepared! But your hair’s a mess, your skin is in rebellion mode and let’s not even get started on the lack of an outfit. Fret not, we have some simple pointers that can help you fix your look in a few!
Red is synonymous with joy, and speaking of red and joy, here are three red blushers that give me immense joy and happiness! They are excellent in terms of texture, staying power and all three get a 5/5 from me! 
“I came out of the womb waving a red lipstick” said actress and singer Rose McGowan and well, even if you weren’t born waving a red lipstick, there is always THE occasion to flaunt one!! And Valentine’s day is one such occasion 🙂
Baked blushers from VIVO have become a hit due to the amazing quality. The quantity provided, is enough to last a lifetime and for 4 pounds each, these individual baked blushers are a must have in my opinion.
A blue-based deep yet bright red. It is cool toned and is one of those awesome colors that make your teeth look white! 
It is one of those blushers which impart a warm glow and scores a 10 with respect to the quality.