Fruit Cream : Recipe with step by step pictures

Hello all!

Today I’m going to explain a very simple but yummy dessert recipe – FRUIT CREAM.

I want to tell you gals about what drove me to learn the recipe of this dessert. Last week I had gone to HAJI ALI juice centre in Chennai (a branch of the very famous juice centre in Mumbai). I saw this dessert called fruit cream and gave it a try and it was awesome. It is a substitute for fruit salad with ice cream. It is fruit mixed in fresh whipped cream and tasted awesome.

I came home and searched the net for the simplest recipe for fruit cream preparation at home. I tried it twice and was extremely yummy. So, i wanted to share it with you guys.

This is a very tasty, unique yet easy recipe.

1. Amul fresh cream – 200 ml
2.Sugar – 5 tspn
3. Diced fruits – your choice – I have taken pomegranate, water melon, banana.

A Blender of any kind is needed – it can even be egg beater or butter milk churning wooden stick.

Step 1: Pour the fresh cream in a bowl which would be convenient to stir and blend( I have taken a bowl with a narrow neck so that the cream does not splash out with blending). With the butter milk churner (I used this to mix, as I did not have an egg beater) and stir the cream for a minute.

NOTE : Its best if you can use an electronic blender, it makes things a lot easier.

Step 2: Now add 1 tspn sugar and stir again till the sugar dissolves. Continue to add sugar tspn by tspn and blend the cream thoroughly. The cream will now become thick and will have a whipped cream consistency.
NOTE: Adding sugar in steps of 1 tspn helps in making the cream thicker and brings that whipped cream consistency.

Step 3: When the cream attains thick whipped cream consistency, put it in serving bowls and refrigerate for an hour. Refrigeration helps in making the cream even thicker, just like ice cream. This is how it looks before refrigeration.

This is how it should be after refrigeration.

Step 4: After an hour, add the desired fruits to each bowl and mix till the fruits are totally covered with cream.

Step 5: Add a few pomegranate pods on top to garnish and to add color to the dessert.

Step 6: Dip a spoon, sit back and enjoy the dessert! And here is my personalized fruit cream bowl, I like it to be sweeter, so I’ve topped it with honey.

This dessert can be made with a single fruit or a mixture of different fruits.

This is what I had in the juice centre – a kiwi fruit cream 🙂 Yummy right??

Have a sweet day ladies 🙂