Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm: Review

Good things come in small packages.. and of course nowadays, with an expensive price tag! One such good thing that happened to me recently is the Forest Essentials Sweet Narangi Juice Lip Balm. The most expensive yet one of the most effective lip balms I’ve used till date. 

So what is narangi? Before you google the word and find that it is the name of a city, let me tell you, that has nothing to do with the lip balm whatsoever. Narangi, also known as Tangerine, is a type of citrus fruit (said to be slightly smaller than orange) and is known for its multiple health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C and also slows down the ageing process. So that’s some information from me to you. (or rather from Google to all of us!!) 
Product Benefits as mentioned on the Forest Essentials site): Forest Essential Lip Balm (Sweet Narangi Juice) is uniquely designed to replenish and soften dry, chapped lips. Enriched with goodness of Natural Butters and Beeswax this balm gently heals and hydrate the lips. Free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum products this Lip Balm contains Narangi Juice and Almond oil to protect your lips. Due to its extraordinary moisturizing and hydrating properties it seals in moisture and soothes dry lips leaving them soft and glossy. 
Price: 495 INR for 5g 
Ingredients and other details

Packaging: The packaging speaks for the quality of the product itself. How many lipbalms come in a packaging that is actually meant for blushers, powder foundations and compacts? Nil (apart from this! :P) The super sleek and classy packaging with a mirror et all is uber-stylish. And to top it all, the actual lip balm pan container comes in a hexagonal cardboard box with a foam sheet guarding the container on all sides. Love^infinity! 😀 

I’m not a huge fan of citrus fragrances. When I tried the lipbalms that were available at the store, this appealed to the most; not because of the scent, but because of the bright mango yellow color. Haha 😀 Things need to be visually appealing more than the fragrance for me and I’m the kind to use anything and everything if people vouch for it despite how it tastes or what the scent is. Yep, that’s me.

The lip balm is a dream to apply and all I want to do is pucker my lips every ten seconds as soon as this goes on my lips since it is so hard to believe how soft my lips instantly become when this is used. I have extremely dry lips and so that instant effect feels amazing!! The sad part is it doesn’t last for more than an hour on my lips. I keep reapplying it throughout the day and after a month and a half of continual usage, I see an immense difference. My lips have become softer and it doesn’t feel as dry as it used to earlier.

The BEST part about this lip balm is that it has helped reduce the pigmentation on my lips!! I had pigmentation issues thanks to the ‘n’ number of lipsticks I use and I had given up on getting rid of it. But, this lip balm proved to be a saviour in disguise. It has helped reduce pigmentation and I’m hoping to see my lips sans any pigmentation with further usage.

Since the lip balm is free of petroleum products and also chemical free, it doesn’t feel waxy on the lips. It feels light and I definitely do not feel guilty when some of the lipbalm goes straight from my lips on to my tongue. Yep, the slightly sweet yet tangy taste is worth licking!

The only issue I had was with taking the lip balm from the pan. I need to keep swirling my finger two to three times before I get enough lip balm for application.

Final Word: I would definitely recommend this to those of you who have pigmentation issues with respect to your lips. Also if you have dry lips, this one solves the problem with continual usage.The only hitch is frequent re-application but that’s something that can be done with a happy face since its just another excuse to flaunt this classy lipbalm !!