“Divassence!” is Hiring!

Phew! How time flies by! The whole of May went into planning on how to take the blog to the next level and now June has arrived and it is time to implement each and every idea that was being worked upon! Apart from layout changes there are several other changes waiting to surprise you (which includes regular posting :P) and one of them is this. I was initially hesitant to make this decision but it doesn’t hurt to have a few like minded people on board! So here’s the thing! We are hiring! By we, I mean the others who work along with me on this blog so it is only appropriate that I say we since they’ve contributed so much!

Here’s what is required of you:

  • A flair for writing 
  • A good command over written English
  • Decent photography skills
Compensation: You will be compensated for your articles appropriately. 
So if this sounds okay to you and you want to know what lays ahead of you in your journey with Divassence! do send in a mail to divassence@gmail.com with the following details:
  • A small paragraph about yourself and your love for writing and makeup
  • A picture of a makeup product that you’ve taken
Well,  I guess that’s about it. I’ll keep you guys updated if there is anything more.