DivaQ: Dry Skin and Pimples

Aayushi asks: 

” Dearest Divassence,

My skin has become rough (whenever I touch its like cement kind of feeling, there are some dark patches too..and pimples also :'( leaving marks). I never had pimples but now I’m having pimples all over my face
and even though I’m not touching or rubbing them they leaving marks on my face. I’m using Parachute lotion as I feel it is very oily but still after applying it my skin is rough n dry. My skin was soft but now it become so rough n dry that I hate to touch it.

I’m using Jovees strawberry face wash followed by Everyouth face scrub and Gulab Jal. I’m using Vaseline Body Lotion Plus Parachute body lotion. I’m not using any face packs now as I forgot to bring them.

Please please please suggest something :'( ”

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My Suggestions: 

Since Aayushi has moved from Delhi to Nepal, the weather changes, the food and water might have made an impact on her skin. And since she doesn’t know what products are available there, these are some natural remedies that I would like to suggest. 

Neem leaves are good for pimples. Boil water and add a handful of neem leaves and use it to wash your face. Also grind neem and apply it on your pimples. 

Use a pack with honey, lemon and banana. Good for dark patches. 

Use Green Gram Flour on your face for dry skin. 

I’ve also done a post on natural remedies for pimple prone skin here.  

And if I had to suggest a store bought product, it would have to be the Cetaphil Cleanser for Sensitive Skin which would be the safest at the moment. And the Cetaphil moisturizer for dry skin also helps!

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