Colorbar Nail Paint in Pina Colada: Review/NOTD

By Lee (Entry #6)
Hola Lovelies,
Today im going to review a Nail Paint which is released as part of Colorbar’s ‘Cocktail Brights’  Collection.It is called ‘099-Pina Colada’ :D..Catchy huh?

Price :Rs 150 for 9 ml

Use Before 2 yrs of manufacturing
Product Description:
Colorbar Introduces an Intoxicating Line of Bright Neon Nail Paints, an intoxicating collection of nail-paint hues inspired by cocktail colors. Adding additional sizzle to the drizzle season, the Cocktail Brights include plush plum and envy green, with bursts of bright pink, cheeky yellow, orange and blingy red.So find your favourite lacquer from Plum Grenadine, Tangerine Mojito, Bloody Mary, Pink Lady, Pina Colada and Lime Margarita.
It’s quick finish pumps up the vibrancy of the each shade and the shiny pop adds funk to the polish.Vibrant and mesmerizing, these bold nail shades are a must-have for every trend-loving fashionista.
These can be worn on their own, or reworked with Colorbar’s Insanely Mattifying Matte Top Coat to create a brand new nail art. It is long lasting and its toluene free formulation protects your nails from turning yellow.  with extreme gloss it is guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days.
Pina Colada is a bright neon lime yellow shade. Everytime I watched the Kardashian sisters Kendall & Kylie wearing it in magazines I used to badly wanted it but I couldnt find this shade in the Indian market.Finally Colorbar has changed that.Yay!!!
It comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a metallic silver handle.The unique feature about the Cocktail Brights collection is that the nail paints come with  the Np colored sticker on top of the handle.
First off Im not too happy with the SA at Colorbar’s Select City Walk store. Its supposed to be one of their main stores in Delhi so I surely expect the SAs to be well versed with the products & not mislead their customers. However one of them tried to sell a red shade from their exclusive range as the “red from their Cocktail Brights‘ collection as I had asked . Now I suddenly remembered that it was named Bloody Mary & not some ‘Exclusive blah blah“.Also, like I mentioned the Cocktail Bright Nail Paints come with the nail paint colored sticker on the top of the handle,so I knew it wasn’t the Np I was asking for.The Bloody Mary was out of stock but still very unprofessional!
I must mention Ive never had a problem with the SAs there and they have been absolute sweethearts but misleading a customer is not cool!
Anyway coming back to Pina Colada,its quite different from other Colorbar Nps Ive tried. Most of them get opaque with 1-2 coats but this 1 takes atleast 3-5 coats to get a full opaque coverage. It can get very annoying waiting for every coat to dry before you can apply another coat but I have time on my hands so I don’t mind it 😀 But some of the hard working ladies out there might not like it. I was afraid it might get a bit streaky but it didn’t!
4 coats
Apart from that the quality is pretty good. It easily lasts for 5 days without chipping when applied with a top coat.
1)A unique neon shade
2)Does not chip for 5 days without a top coat
3)Gives an even application
4)Does not stain my nails
5)The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly
1)Needs more than 3 coats to get an opaque coverage.
It is a very unique shade & if you don’t mind applying more than 3 coats then definitely buy this. Also Id like to mention that other shades from the Cocktail Brights Collection are quite opaque & require only 2 coats unlike Pina Colada.
I tried my hands at ‘Konadicure’ again & decided to do a cheetah print this time..Hope you all like it 🙂