Elle18 Glow Foundation, Glow Compact, Liner and Juicy Lip Balm: Review/Swatch

Elle18 as a brand in India can be compared to WetnWild or MUA Cosmetics in terms of affordability. When the brand decided to venture into base makeup and introduce new liners and glosses, I was obviously excited to try them!
Leaving chit-chat aside this time, let me get on to the reviews since I have not 1, but 4 products from the Elle18 range to show you guys!

Findation.com: Pick your perfect shade of foundation, the online way!

Thanks to the high risk of buying the wrong shade, buying foundations online is something I generally avoid.  So when I got a mail which spoke about a site which helps find your perfect match (in terms of foundation of course!) based on the foundations you’ve used in the past and the ones which have matched perfectly for you in terms of color, I felt this site is such a big boon to online shoppers!! Here’s a little about the site:

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Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation: Warm Golden: Review

When Revlon launched the Whipped Creme Foundation I was all “hoo-ha!” (oh and thats my way of saying I was excited :P) I hardly use foundation unless I have some really special place to go to (because BB creams do their job well most of the time!) so I don’t invest much in them but I got this one just to know what the hype was all about!

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