Avon NailWear Pro Nail Enamel in Misty Blue: Review & Swatches

The only nail colors I had a year back were pinks,golds and a silver. Then when I decided to try nail art and decided to experiment with bright colors this was the first color I bought. Since Avon nailpolishes are dirt cheap especially when they are on sale I thought it was best to start with these.

Color: A bright light blue color (Im bad at describing colors! :D); can be used for nail art since it is opaque in application

Price: Rs 135
Quantity: 8 ml

Ive applied one coat of it on my nails

The only thing I didn’t like about this nailpolish was the streakiness while applying. The other colors in this collection dont have this problem.

And yes.. you can see the dryness around my nails 😛 it was terrible at one point but its a lot better now since I moisturize 😀

Warning!: Sometimes the brushes in the Avon nailpolishes are haywire and so it becomes difficult to apply the polish so do ask your reps to check that before sending it out to you!