Anne French Shea Surprise Depilatory Cream: Review

There was a time when I used to find depilatory creams extremely messy. The tube, the spatula that it came with were a nightmare to use and I preferred the pain of waxing to the mess these creams created and the double trouble I had to go through to clean the bathroom. BUT there is one cream that completely changed my perspective and proved that smart packaging and user friendliness makes the cream the easiest way to remove unwanted hair.

Price: 60 INR for a 45 gm tube, 1 easy on applicator and 1 free skin polishing sponge

What the company claims:


Packaging: Let me start off with the entire packaging (not just the components). The entire kit comes, not in a cardboard box but is enclosed in a plastic sheet on a cardboard which gives you all the information from the ingredients to how to use and precautions. The How to Use is shown using diagrams which makes it easier to understand (I’m a stickler for details and when a products comes with every detail possible I’m a happy woman!)

The product as such is enclosed in a tube (which also has all the required details such as precautions and ingredients) and an applicator with a nozzle is provided separately. This needs to be screwed on to the tube when the product is used and removed when done. I find this really convenient and easier than directly applying the product from the tube which is a lot messier.

More Details!

There is a skin polishing sponge that comes in this kit which is to be used to remove the product after it had done it’s work. 🙂

My experience: I love the packaging and how user-friendly this product is! The applicator makes using the product much easier and gives you a lot more control on the product you use and is not messy to use at all!! I thought I might need an entire tube  for both my hands but there was still some of the product remaining in the tube. The product is to be left on for a minimum of 3 minutes and not to exceed 10 mintues. I left it on  for 5 minutes and removed the product and had hair-free smooth arms!! 😀

The part I dreaded the most was the removal. Generally these sort of creams form lumps of foam with hair sticking to it (disgusting I know!!) BUT the sponge makes life easier and spares the bathroom from the mess too. All I did was remove the product with the sponge, washed, squeezed out the dirt and water and re-used it. And what do you know? Removing hair can be a total fuss free experience!

You know how these creams have these weird scent like “rose” and “jasmine” and still stink? Deep breath was a saviour at that point. Surprisingly this product has a fragrance which is much milder than the usual one. Thank you, Anne French for that!

The most important point I would like to mention at this point is, if you decide to use any depilatory cream make sure you do a patch test before you start using it. That way you’ll know if you are allergic to any ingredient. Also do not use any type of astringent on the skin as soon as you use a depilatory cream. Make sure you follow all the instructions and read the precautions on the packaging before you use the product.

Final Word: Overall, I am shifting my loyalties towards this one (goodbye waxing!). I would recommend this product to all of you. This happens to be the most hassle-free hair removing product (thanks to the applicator, sponge and the surprisingly decent fragrance) available in the market and I would definitely repurchase it.

The product reviewed above was provided by PR for consideration. Divassence!’s priority will always be you! For further details check the Disclaimer