And the Veil is off!

So, ladies!
We just decided to Up the Heat on our First Giveaway by revealing what’s been under wraps for the past few weeks- the Surprise Prize for a very special person who sends in the maximum number of articles/tutorials for Divassence!

So here’s ALL that we have in that pretty little hamper that’s just waiting to be won!
  • Avon Carnival Body Spray
  • Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick – Mango Mania
  • Amway Attitude Mini Lipsticks – Pack of 6
  • Avon Nail Wear Pro Enamel in Crystal Calm
  • Avon Matte Nailpolish in Violetta
  • Avon Milk and Honey Lipbalm

Looking Pretty, innit?

    How do you stand to win this prize?
    Simple! Just follow these rules:
    1. Enter Divassence’s Giveaway here
    2. Send us AS MANY ARTICLES and TUTORIALS as you can, for Divassence! Remember, all the articles must be original and exclusive for Divassence, and need to be accompanied by original photos =)
    3. Send us an email with the number of articles you’re sending in, to

    So that’s that, ladies! Keep ’em articles coming and secure your chance to win!