A Simple Everyday Look – The Indian Way!

Women are known to be experts in multitasking. Well of course we are! And here is a secret we do multitask when we are getting ready too! All that jokes on how long women take to get ready are so passé!

Anyway on the first day of this year, I had to meet some important people who are potentially at the risk of bearing my nonsense for the rest of their lives. 😛 But I had only 10 minutes to get ready and I did my makeup and hair in 6-7 minutes (give or take). And mind you, that time included prep time too! 😉 

I planned on a dewy, glowy look with an Indian-ness to it. So here’s the breakdown of the look. 

 I know it seems like a lot of products but trust me, it isn’t!! And let me take you through my so called “process” of applying makeup. 

And mind you, since this is all about makeup and multi-tasking I AM going to keep stressing that point every now and then! 😀 

First things first. I applied the Cetaphil Moisturizer for Dry Skin (1) and massaged it into my skin. And then applied my lipbalm (10) and L’Oreal Total Repair Serum in my hair and tied my hair in a bun so that my curls were al ittle more defined in the end (this was all the prep I did and I would like to mention that I did wash my hands before each step here) 😛 Also I applied Bourjois Flower Perfection primer (2) on my undereye area to avoid creasing of concealer (Goss MakeupArtist videos do help!!)

Then I mixed a little of the Inglot Illuminator No. 62 (5) with my Maybelline BB cream (4) and applied it leaving the undereye area. While the BB cream was sinking in, I applied the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal (8) on my lower waterline and lashline and used a little bit of the Noir eyeshadow (from the Sleek Storm palette) (7) and applied my mascara (9). Then when the whitish cast of the BB cream disappeared I applied my Giordani concealer (3).

I then used the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (6) on my nose and forehead. Skipped using it on the entire face because i wanted that dewy, glowy look. 

For the cheeks I used NYX Tea Rose (12)  (Another picture of me wearing Tea Rose here) and highlighted the cheekbones using MAC Hush (13). I lightly dusted some loose powder on it to make it stay longer. 

I also used MAC Hush to highlight the browbone and cupid’s bow (a multi-tasking product! :P). Skipped the contouring for this look. 

And finally after removing the lipbalm I had applied initially, I used Colorbar Velvet Matte N*ked Pink (11) lipstick and VOILA! I was done! 

Here’s how it finally all came together! 

Strangely the picture doesn’t seem to reflect all this because it was taken hours after I left home and there weren’t any opportunities for me going to slip out for touch-ups or anything but oh well I loved it!

Btw, when Mr V saw the number of products I had used his first reaction was, ”  So all this is actually on your face??” Errrr.. Guys will b guys!

Do you multitask when it comes to makeup?