Sleek Blush: Life’s A Peach: Review/Swatches

By Janani

Blush .. It makes me think of Jane Austen and how she describes the flushed look on Elizabeth Bennet when Darcy proposes marriage. It was my first insight into the early English society and even today English porcelain skin and the soft rosy flushed look they get is stuff of legends.

Why do I go about on English society ?? That’s because I found a blush which I thought would suit me and then realized that it will suit the porcelain skinned ladies much better.

Presenting the one blush in my humble stash which I absolutely love to look at but impossible to wear. Sleek Makeup blush in “Life’s a Peach”.

Price: $5.99 

Sleek as a brand needs no introduction and our blogging world is full of their product reviews. I saw Sleek blush for the first time when I met a friend in Chennai who had Sleek Flamingo, and Pomegranate blushers. They looked divine!

This blush looks almost neon-ish orange in pan. No glitter, no shimmer just bright, bright orange. Nowhere peachy 🙁 but when worn it just makes all that neon vanish and leaves you with beautiful healthy soft peachy look. Only down side of this blush is, it will suit only those who favor a more neutral undertone, and are below NC39 in MAC.

The blush is housed in standard Sleek packaging with a mirror, and no brush. The blush is insanely pigmented, one dip into the pan is more than sufficient. And the key here is to blend well. More you blend, better the finish, beautiful the blush sits on your cheeks. Oh did I forget? Use a fluffy brush to blend this. Your fingers wont work (that was my experiment gone wrong !! 😛 )

Here is how it looks on my sister’s (NC39 in MAC) hand

Well that’s all I have on Sleek Makeup Blush in Life’s a Peach. Will I re-purchase this ? I ask you, will I even finish this ?? Nope. However I am looking forward to buying Pomegranate, Flushed, Sahara and Flamingo.

After Dee reviewed Blush by 3 in Sugar, I definitely have my eyes on Sugar and Flame.

Do you have Sleek blush ?? What do you have to say about them ?? Let us know!

Until then

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  • wow ! i just love this blush 🙂

  • How many blushes do you own!!! This is such a pretty color. Faces used to make something very similar. I have one from that line.

    • Nivi.. I own about 12 blushers or so.. I have seen faces one too long time back.. do you have a sleek blush?? How do you like them??

    • hahahah 😀 I think Nivedita mistook your review as mine 😛

  • awww… i hv jus ordered this! all my spirits are down the drain after reading this review… mummieee :'(

    • If you have pink or neutral tone then this will suit you so well.. if not then layer this one with another blush and still make it Work 🙂 .. don’t worry rev.. it is still a good investment!!

  • Looks lovely! I havent tried any of their blushes but they are on my wishlist for awhile now!

    • Sleek blushes are on every make up enthusiast’s wishlist. mine alone is quite long .. what all made it to ur list ??

  • Thats such a gorgeous shade! But i doubt if this will suit me!

    • Lee this one will definitely suit you .. this one is a must have for you !! go get it girl !! 🙂

  • Not for me! Nice review as usual janani 😉

    • hey thanks ghayu .. this one is not for both of us… lets go buy other shades .. 🙂

  • Its a beautiful shade <3 .. Sleek products are drool worthy 😉 .. Beautifully reviewed girl 🙂

    • Thanks Vipra, Sleek products are totally drool worthy .. i want their lipsticks, and eye palettes so badly !!! my list is endless.. 🙂

  • I so wanted to try sleek blushes…though this shade is not my type!

    • rach, buy pomegranate, and rose gold .. those are never going to fail .. I am buying them for sure !!

  • I had this one. .It did not show up well on m skin tone..I love Flamingo ..A must try darling will love it , I have eyes one Rose Gold, Pomegranate and Flushed 😛

    • I am already loving it .. just a matter of buying it with the shipping charges .. but that will also happen soon .. Flamingo, pomegranate, flushed .. here i come 🙂

  • I love the color!! I’m going to take it from you when I come for your wedding mach! 😀 😀

  • That’s a lovely shade 😀

  • Love the shade. Looks pretty.