MUA Nail Polish: Plum Noir: Review/NOTD

By Janani

Don’t we all just luurrvvvvveeee presents. This year friendship day was pretty special for me. I received 5 different nail paints from different friends who all knew that I love love love nail stuff. Dee sent me this beauty.
I, that day, officially became the Jumping Jack!!! 🙂 (okay we will change the gender and make me Jumping Jackie .. But that will remind me of Jackie Kennedy Onassis with her signature  shades…. ). Hey, don’t you raise that eye brow, I know I am blabbering.:D 😛
So here I present that much-adored, much-loved nail paint. MakeUp Academy Nail paint in the shade “Plum Noir”. I won’t go on and on about MUA as a brand because we all know about their 1GBP products and I am sure we all have at least one product from this brand.


Price: £1.00
Availability: or Superdrug store if you live in the UK.


Plum Noir is a pink based plummish purple color. (Did you get it ??!!! 😛 😉 ) It is just the right color to brighten up your rather dull day. The shade grabs a lot of attention so don’t forget to wear those rings on your fingers.



The brush (MUA claims it is a new and improved brush !!! ) is slim wand-like with an even end, designed to reach the corners of a square nail and to round off neatly near the nail bed. Its picks up the right amount of the liquid so you don’t have to bother about excessive product deposit. The paint goes sheer on first coat and completely opaque on the second. I have not worn a topcoat and you can still see the light reflected on my nails.
It is one of those shades which will suit Indian skin tone well, hides flaws on the nail and gives you that polished look you need.
These are my nails after 4 days. I have done a lot of work with water including swimming everyday, and yet, you see the paint chipping off only at the corners. Total value for money.
Finally for the price and the range, I think these tiny bottles are waiting to be grabbed. If only our rupee appreciates better against GBP. Or MUA decides to open a store in India. Sigh!! *wishful thinking*


Until then


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  • Its a lovely color wish they were made available here.

  • i love plummy shades on my toe nails 😀

    • i love all shades … revs you should try bright orange on toes.. they absolutely ROCK !! m/

  • I love how the color looks on your nails! <3

    and somehow i knew you would like the color.. Thank God i picked this one for you! 😀

    • I am actually tired of thanking you Dee .. so i am going to pack something and send it over !! 🙂

  • Gorgeous shade!

  • I wish same, they should open a store here too. Nice shade

    • I want all of them to open stores here .. thanks 🙂

  • I want MUA in India… everytime I see their products I so so feel like ordering them.. I have some Fever Red polish from MUA.. it’s good for the price.

    • Dipti, me too … if they offer free shipping im game .. its fantastic for the price !!

  • I need a MUA, Sleek, Physician’s Formula and Real Techniques to be available in India (Do i sound greedy? :P) 🙁 Nice review janani 🙂

    • Ghayu, you sound normal 😀 😛 .. thanks girl !! 🙂

  • The polish is so very pretty! Lovely color…& The packaging is very similar to essie….

    • that was my first observation. packaging looks like essie. i cannot compare though since i dont have an essie .. Yet !!! but lovely color. you should try richa !! 🙂

  • loved ur review.. n the shade is very pretty.. wud keep these in mind for my next mua order 😉