Let’s Talk!: Flawed Foundation

I’ve always wondered how a cousin of mine (who I dearly love and I’m hoping she reads this post :P) managed to make her skin look dark and patchy whenever she put on makeup. Her skin is smooth with nil pigmentation and looks healthy without makeup. Till I knew the basics of makeup, it always worried me to see her face like that. And then one fine day, when I finally developed an interest in makeup I realized that she was using a foundation that matched nowhere near her skintone. She was wearing a color that was 3-4 times lighter than her skintone.

There is this common assumption that wearing a foundation lighter than the one that perfectly matches your skin tone is the key to a fair looking skin. Or wear a darker one and a sun kissed look is achieved! (Seriously! Don’t people look at the mirror before they step out??)

Take a look at Paris Hilton and  Emily Blunt! What were they thinking? And Nicole Kidman really needs to invest in a translucent powder and a mirror!!

So here’s is today’s question: What do you think is a common mistake that one can make when it comes to base makeup and what would you recommend to rectify it?

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  • hehe dis is a common mistake na πŸ˜› i guess d best way to test ur foundation is in sunlite O:)

    • yep and there are certain areas on your face and neck (like the jawline and the sides of your nose) where you should apply them and test them but people just test them on the back of their hands and buy foundations which is incorrect

  • I still wonder how celebs make such a big mistake !!

    • I guess the flashlights show the mistakes more prominently. Maybe it looked perfect in their makeup rooms πŸ˜›

  • I do not know what Nicole Kidman was seriously thinking! I mean did the MUA forgot to brush off the loose powder of was it meant to be or is it that she did not check herself in the mirror. let’s not even talk about the other two.
    The error with shade match had happened to me before. But that was not my fault. At that time, I was a complete novice with makeup and the mUA, as usual, had given me at least two tones lighter. I used it twice and the bottle sat in a corner until it expired. πŸ™

    • Seriously!! icole’s makeup is such a disaster in this pic! ;/

      Thats pretty sad! But I’ve seen most of the SAs here do the same thing. i guess even they think foundations make you look fairer πŸ˜›

  • You know what’s the saddest part Deepika? Many women who look really nice normally, look like how Paris Hilton is in this pic, on the day of their wedding!!!!!

    • I know!! Again the “foundation makes you look fairer” assumption comes here. The MUAs literally paint these brides with a lighter foundation color thinking that it would look perfect under the bright lighting!! Sad..