Why i don’t do Haul Posts anymore.

First of all, sorry about being MIA. My internet connection, health and my work had completely messed up my life in the past few days. But that being said, I watched Les Miserables, went to the newly opened Pheonix Mall in Chennai (post on that coming up!) and slept, slept and slept.Coming back to today’s post, let’s just say, I haven’t written this to offend anyone or pinpoint anything. Many of you might agree with me and many of you might not and find my reasoning silly but it is purely my opinion. I felt I had to do this post to tell those of you who had asked me to do haul posts in the feedback form why I don’t do them anymore.

First of all, I USED to do haul posts with just one intent- to show my readers the things I bought and if there is anything from that they want to buy and are waiting for a review, to let me know that and nothing more. People took this in another way. I used to get sarcastic and indirect comments on what a show off I was.

A picture from one of my previous haul posts

Secondly, I don’t have the necessity to show others that I have the money to buy a lot of stuff (a lot of people have mailed me sarcastically if my intention was to show off) !! I love makeup. I will buy whatever I want. And since I have a blog where I review what I use I show it to ask others their opinion on the product and to know which ones to review first. For me haul posts were not fillers. They were as important as my other posts and I had always looked forward to the interactions I used to have with others in the comments sections in the haul posts.

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I love shopping. I don’t understand why others had a problem with that. A few people who I have interacted with have asked me why I shop when I have so many products to review. Yes, reviewing them is important but I buy products to use for myself and due to work commitments it does take me time to try products and review them. I cannot buy a product today and judge how it is by the next day.

At the end of the day the amount I spend on my makeup or skincare products is not anyone’s business. And I didn’t want to set tongues wagging unnecessarily by doing haul posts. I know why I used to do haul posts, my intentions weren’t wrong. Each time someone told me that I didn’t have to buy more products, I wanted to scream! Rather than all this I decided I would stop doing haul posts. I hated it when people asked me “You bought sooo many MAC products? When will you finish them? You spent so much!” etc etc. You know what? Its my life. I’ll buy what I want with my money.

I really can’t point out whether the decision to stop doing haul posts is right or wrong but at the end of the day i don’t want my blog to be known for all the wrong reasons. And kindly pardon me for the haphazard writing and flow of thoughts since I have just jotted down whatever I felt.

  • I understand dear. You need not stop what you like just because of some jealous people. The problem does not lie in the quantum of haul you do but in their hearts.. If you start reacting to these green monsters, they grow more in numbers. i personally love and enjoy haul posts.. It is a treat to the eyes. 😀

    • its not like im reacting to them. its just that i was fed up of the mails and comments i was getting. And i felt this was the only way i could put an end to it.

  • People will keep saying what they want. Just by stopping to write a haul post do you really think they will?? It is the curse of being a beauty blogger. You end up buying a whole lot of stuff that you might actually never use just so that you can add new content and keep things fresh. Like you said at the end of the day it is no body business but yours how you spend YOUR money….So just chill and dont think about it so much. At the end of the day you should be true to yourself and your true readers will be true to you. Peace 🙂

    • lol yep i agree. but then again if my readers really want me to review a product they can ask. i’ve gotten a few mails asking me to review products they actually want to buy! so i buy, use them and then review them. So i really dont find the necessity now to do haul posts to show what ive bought.

  • Very true:) I also had similar experience….whn ppl ask me an demail me…smtime s even spam my blog page quoting…why I buy all the makeup….people hv no other business it seems…..I now remember one quote “You can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world…And there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches”….you should do haul posts dear…Why do some hater’s mails or comments make you feel tht u shouldn’t write about haul posts..Haters will always hate..and I’m certain that there are always a bunch of good ppl around us who really enjoys and reads ever other thing we blog about…haters hate us because we have a life which they dream about..Just dont care about what others say…:) Happy Blogging!!!


  • Hey that’s really sad! I’m sorry you had to face such crazy people.. As you said-it’s your money and you can buy what you want when you want, you aren’t here to prove a point! But you know what.. You did the haul posts because you liked it. So why stop doing what you want because of what others think? Haters gonna keep hating no matter what you do. So don’t ruin your mood because of such things! 🙂

  • I totally understand why you have written this post…. and trust me, at one point of time, I had also stopped writing haul posts for all the above reasons… people are plain jealous… but hey, this shouldnt bog us down… we blog because we love doing it for ourselves first… so enjoy… and we will all look forward to a lot of haul posts from you 🙂 haul posts are real treat for the eyes 😛

  • Aww.. don’t worry about all those comments keep them coming ! we love them ! Ps- Those nature’s co. stuff are awesome.. I have used most of those 🙂 and I love those teeny mini samples they provide 😛

  • Ah! You shouldn’t bother with those people! I would just enjoy the attention, good or bad. 😉 If someone asks you if you’re showing off just say YES! That should shut them up. I personally love seeing what you buy, keep the posts coming! To hell with everyone, your blog, do what you like! <3

  • I don’t have to add anything more to what others have said here.. BTW hey, how is phoenix? It’s5 minutes my place and I’m yet to go

  • Come on Deeps, do what you like, why bother about others? I love your haul posts and so do the others commented above, i really hope you would carry on doing them 🙂

  • Oh my… commenting on money spent is downright petty… maybe they are jealous you know! Listen, you shud do what you want and not bother abt others. This is your blog…. do the haul posts if u want to and stop for the same reason… hugs!

  • HnB

    hey dear… as u said its none of anybody business to talk abt ur purchases… show them tat its again none of ur business to be bothered abt by their sarcasm.

    brickbats are bound to be there wherever we go… just dust them off..keep doing wat u like..

    if u like purchasing more stuff & wud like to put haul posts… continue to do so..

    shoo those a*sses off… 🙂