Swatch Attack!: 12 Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipsticks

Finally the Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipsticks are here in counters in Chennai! Phew! It is a pretty good collection in terms of colors with a mix of reds, maroons, a coral and a few everyday wear shades.
What Maybelline says about their Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick: 
Meet the 14HR lipstick that won’t weigh you down. Super rich color with super staying power. No dragging. No drying. No letdowns at all.

Price: 525 INR
  1. 055 Keep Me Coral
  2. 060 Continuous Cranberry
  3. 005 Perpetual Peony
  4. 075 Timeless Crimson
  5. 020 Eternal Rose
  6. 070 Enduring Ruby
  7. 090 Endless Raisin
  8. 010 Ultimate Blush
  9. 100 Wine and Forever
  10. 045 Lasting Chestnut
  11. 095 Please Stay Plum
  12. 040 Consistently Truffle

Which one is your pick?

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