Swatch Attack!: 12 Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipsticks

Finally the Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipsticks are here in counters in Chennai! Phew! It is a pretty good collection in terms of colors with a mix of reds, maroons, a coral and a few everyday wear shades.
What Maybelline says about their Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick: 
Meet the 14HR lipstick that won’t weigh you down. Super rich color with super staying power. No dragging. No drying. No letdowns at all.

Price: 525 INR
  1. 055 Keep Me Coral
  2. 060 Continuous Cranberry
  3. 005 Perpetual Peony
  4. 075 Timeless Crimson
  5. 020 Eternal Rose
  6. 070 Enduring Ruby
  7. 090 Endless Raisin
  8. 010 Ultimate Blush
  9. 100 Wine and Forever
  10. 045 Lasting Chestnut
  11. 095 Please Stay Plum
  12. 040 Consistently Truffle

Which one is your pick?

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  • how is the texture of these? mostly long wear lipsticks are very dry in texture .. are these too ?

    • I haven’t tried these on my lips as yet.. I’m yet to get myself one.. They seemed nice and glossy and went on smoothly on my hand when swatched so i can’t really judge them based on that. 🙂

    • I’ve got one and they are at first a bit dry and sticky but after few seconds you even don’t feel them on lips! And the best thing I used it even on dry lips and still looks great 🙂 Only after few hours lips feel dry. It’s stay on my lips at least for four hours even if i drink/eat sth.

  • Ooh Endless Rose looks amazing! Do want. 🙂 But the price seems a bit steep no?

    • You mean Eternal Rose right? 😀 Yea.. I loved that one and Continuous Cranberry <3

      Even I felt the price of the lipsticks were steep and thats why I came back empty handed.. Compared to the Colorsensational collection the price of these lipsticks is definitely on the higher side! Maybe I’ll get Eternal Rose just for the color.. 😛

  • Expensive! maybe they are better in quality and ofcourse the staying power. Eternal Rose is really nice of the lot.

    • I’ll probably get one and try it out to see how different it is from the other Maybelline lipsticks 🙂

    • I’ll probably get one and try it out to see how different it is from the other Maybelline lipsticks 🙂

  • Beautiful swatches Deepika! 🙂
    I’m loving shades 1 and 2 *sigh* no maybelline in pondicherry, wish I’d seen this last week, I was in chennai!! :((

    • Thank you Keerthi 🙂 How’ve you been?

      These weren’t there on counters last week. I spotted them only yesterday. 😀

    • I’m doing good ya, back to business after a wonderful pongal vacation! 🙂
      I was kicking myself for not checking the counters, ran away from the makeup section even in H&G!! Needed to repurchase revlon lip butter in pink truffle ,Have you tried it?? Its uh-maaaazing! This colour s similar to Lakme aquashine fig, so totally wearable and the texture is awesome 🙂

    • I havent tried Pink Truffle but I have tutti frutti.. that too my friend got it for me form Canada early last year and i still havent reviewed it 😛

      Ya i saw the swatch of Pink Truffle.. looks fab!! You are tempting to buy more lip butters now!!

    • You definitely should…however pondicherry weather made it melt when i left it in the hall overnight so maybe it isnt that great for us after all 🙁 I’m hooked though so getting it again 😀

  • I would definitely love eternal rose and enduring ruby.

    • Enduring Ruby is also a fab color! 🙂

  • i mostly go for the nude shades. great swatches. thanks for sharing

    • 🙂 You’re welcome. Did you like any in this range?

  • enduring ruby looks lovely <3 thanxx for the swatches deepika 😀

    • <3 <3 Enduring Ruby would look fab on you Nids!

  • I have to pick one from this.. looks so tempting..

    • They do right?? But somehow i wasnt sure if it was worth the price. But definitely picking one up now for myself!

  • I love eternal rose! it is such a pretty shade… ahhhh… so tempted to buy these now!! 🙂

    you have a new follower now.

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)