Wet n Wild Silky Finish (Color Icon) Blush in shade Pearlescent Pink – Review and Swatches

By Rekha (Entry #1)
The Wet n Wild “Silky Finish” range is now re-launched as the “Color Icon” range with a new stylish sleek black case packaging, bigger brush and of course with the same shade names 😉
In other words – An Old wine in a new bottle 🙂
These blushes are available in four variants,

  • 831E Pearlescent Pink
  • 832E Heather Silk
  • 833E Mellow Wine
  • 834E Berry Shimmer

Per WnW,  Sweep on this silky-smooth blush that strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and a radiant pop of maximum color. A special blend of treated nylon powders provides long-lasting color. Dermatologist-tested.
Today I will be reviewing the shade Pearlescent Pink 🙂
Pearlescent Pink is a nice peachy pink shade packed with golden shimmer. I bought mine at Walgreens when the sales lady told me that this was a close dupe for Nars “Or*asm” blush. 🙂 
I also have the sleek Rose gold which is also called as a dupe for Nars “O” 🙂  I forgot to take a swatch comparison of this WnW Pearlescent Pink n Sleek Rose gold but both of them look almost similar. 🙂 
WnW PP is highly pigmented and blends well when applied. This shade is quite buildable
Though the blush is packed with golden shimmer (which is obviously visible in the swatch 🙂) the shimmer is barely visible when applied and it leaves a hint of that “extra shine” and an “Oomph” factor if you know what I mean. 🙂 
The blush lasts like solid for about 7 to 8 hours and I love the way it fades away leaving a hint of a color behind 🙂

The brush is just ok quality but I suggest you to use this blush with a good blush brush for a perfect finish and to do justice to the excellent color payoff it offers. 😀

The old packaging is a silver case with a small mirror and it’s quite sturdy and travel friendly.


The blush retails at $2.99 or Rs. 180 for 6.8 g/0.24 Oz
Not available in India 🙁 but can be bought online from websites like nonpareilboutique or Ebay at your own discretion and risk 😀
Overall this is a wonderful blush and if you have this ultimate thirst of buying Nars “O” one day, please give this a try, who knows your thirst may quench here 😉
So have you used WnW blushes before? If so which is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section below 🙂
Take care and Thanks for reading 🙂
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  • lovely shade indeed <3

    • yep it is Sukanya 🙂

  • i havent tried 😀 but loved the blush reks 😀 <3

    • u shud try it upsie 😀 im sure u will love it <3

  • lovely color!! <3 cant wait for my rose gold to arrive!!! 😀 reks lovely detailed review!

    • thnkuu deeps <3 waiting for ur fotd with rose gold <3

  • somehow glittery blush r not for me …

    • hey rids.. actually the glitter doesnt show up much when u wear it 😀 thats the awesomest thing about this blush <3

  • Nars O has so many dupes its unbelievable. When I first got it 2 yrs back there weren’t many, even till date, there aren’t many exact dupes but when applied they all appear to be similar. Pearlescent Pink looks similar to ELF’s Candid Coral (said to be another dupe for Nars O) that’s why I didn’t buy it, but I have Heather Silk from the color icon collection which is a matte shade. Overall these blushes are pretty good bang for the buck. Nice review 🙂 xo

    • ive heard so much about ELF Candid Coral! need to get that one!!

    • haha it happens 😀 yeah agree.. these are worth every penny 🙂 me havent tried candid coral yet.. thanks @lipjunkie101 😀

  • Great review!!!!..i wish it was available in india :(..loving the shade

    • yeah we dont get the good things here na Lee 🙁 whate curse :((

  • nonpareilboutique must check it, hearing about it here for the first time. lovely review!

    • its a pretty good site CC.. they stock up all the elf stuff thr at decent price 🙂 but the shipping is insane again just like cherry culture!

  • wow it looks gorgeous Rekha

    • yeah Pree 😀 its a gorgeous shade 😀