MAC Magenta Blush: Review/Swatch

Looks bright and scary in the pan? – Yep!
A difficult color to wear? – Check!
Unique color? – Oh hell yea!
That kind of sums up my criteria for buying a blush nowadays and MAC Magenta prfectly fits the bill! I think now that I have enough pink, coral, orange, peach blushers (and also a few which I call “safe” to wear anytime anyday!) its time to get into the experiment mode!

One of the boldest brightest most difficult to wear blush in my stash has to be MAC Magenta from the Reel Sexy Collection (phew! that sums up my entire review! ). 
Usually Magenta is described as a color which is a combination of red and violet where violet adds calmness and red brings in passion, power and energy. 
A part of the limited edition Reel Sexy Collection this blush comes in the usual black round case and is priced at 1350 INR for 6g.
The blush, true to its name is magenta in color but has a very strong red undertone to it. The color is bold, bright and vibrant. I absolutely love the color! And it is probably one of a kind.
Now coming to the negatives, the blush is matte but why does it have to be difficult to wear? The texture of the blush is not smooth nor does it glide on the skin (thanks to the blush being extremely dry and rough)! A lot of effort needs to be put into applying this blush and sadly it also stains the skin. While applying, it kind of comes off on the cheeks as patches of blush here and there so one needs to be really careful while applying this one!
I have no complaints about the staying power. I’ve been experimenting with it for a few weeks now and I must say it has lasted on my cheeks for almost the entire day whenever I’ve worn it!
Final Word: A gorgeous color but the formulation and texture of Magenta leave a lot to be desired. If you loved the color of Magenta, I’ll try and do a post on some similar color blushers (not dupes but in the magenta-purple-violet-plum category). Do let me know if you want me to! 😀
What is your opinion on MAC Magenta? Yay or Nay? 
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  • one of the nicest blush i have seen…i wana get this !

    • its a lovely shade Bids but texture isn’t good :/

  • wow thats such a grogeous shade n a lovely review as usual..i hav a similar shade from tartan tale collection but am so scared to wear it..

    • Thank you Preetha 🙂 If the texture is good then wear it! these colors look gorgeous on indian skintones 🙂

  • wow! i like the shade 🙂

    • 🙂 Welcome to Divassence! Simpita 🙂

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  • the shade is gorgeous definately ! but too bright for me to carry off !

    • 😀 I love bright colors! And somehow i always choose bright colors 😀 but im sure this would look gorgeous on you Sukanya! 🙂

  • lubddd it 😀 <3 yeh nai lungi but.. 😉 ny dupes 😀

    • no dupes but mac restores dazzle is somewhat similar.. will do a post on both of these together.. saving my fotd for that 😛

  • ohhh my my… deeps this goes into my list for sure…:

    • hehehe 🙂 varsh do get it soon if you want to since it is a ltd edition pdt.. i doubt if the store will have it though :/

  • woww..pretty shade..wanna see on ur face

    • sure Preethi! it’ll be up in the post I’m working on.. A comparison between this one and Restores Dazzle 🙂

  • Its so pretty …Oh you are such a blush guru!!

    • awwww 😀 so sweet of you to say that Sophia <3 lol but im also in the process f learning and experimenting 😀 If you come to Chennai we should meet up!

  • this is soo my color ..

    • hehehe 😀 Nids did you try Restores Dazzle from the Shop MAC collection? Thats similar but its a cream blush 😀

  • I have this too:)

    • oh thats awesome 😀 do you like the texture?

  • Very pretty shade and I can imagine how good it would look on u..

    • Aarthi these kind of shades would suit you better 🙂 and i sooo envy your lovely cheeks!

  • I almost fainted..tats quite a bold color would love to see it on you.

    • hehehe 😀 ill use the blush in one of my upcoming posts for sure Parul 🙂

  • OMG perfect for fall!

  • OMG!!! It’s super pigmented, that i can scream!!!!!!! it’s too beautiful