The Nature’s Co Coffee Face Scrub: Review

After the disappointing customer service fiasco I had faced at The Nature’s Co. outlet, I had made up my mind not to visit the store again…..ever. But there were a few products which I had purchased earlier and I thought I should review these for the benefit of those of you who want to try out products from this brand. I have 4-5 products to review yet from this brand.
The Nature’s Co. Coffee Scrub is a hit amongst most of us! I was recommended this one by readers and beauty bloggers when I first started exploring this brand and when I got a chance to sample it I was hooked on to it and I went on to purchase the full size.

What Nature’s Co. claims:

Price: 525 INR
Quantity: 125 ml


Packaging: Comes in a transparent tube with a flip open cap. Usually I’m not a fan of flip open caps and I’ve mentioned this in my earlier posts too 🙂

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. So if you have any queries we can discuss them in the comment box below 🙂

What I liked about this scrub:

  • The coffee grits (the black small particles) are less compared to the scrub particles other scrubs have but it is as effective as any other scrub and it can be used everyday
  • No chemicals and so one need not worry about side-effects
  • Does not dry my face unlike few scrubs;
  • Although I keep mentioning that the scrub is mild, I’m completely okay with it since the dry flaky skin from my face (especially on the sides of my nose) disappears after using this one and it makes my skin soft.
  • The aroma of coffee is heavenly!! It smells yummy!! 😀

What I didn’t like:

  • The price is definitely on the higher side. This would probably be the first and last time i would spend so much on the scrub!

Overall, I would recommend this to those of you who are on a lookout for a good mild everyday scrub (and it claims to be a scrub for all skin types; I can assure you it works for people with dry skin 🙂 ) and if you decide you want to “splurge” on a scrub go ahead!! 😉

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  • ahahaha i’m so tempted to try it now 😀 i’d probably mix some coffee wid sugar n make a scrub lol 😀 😀

    • hahahah.. wait wait.. there will be a follow up to this post sometime soon and it is a DIY post *hint hint* 😀

    • oksssssss me wil wait 😀

  • I read this post and went and scrubbed my face with it,thanks for reminding. 😛
    It is good but the smell is whats best about it!! 😀

    • lol 😀 the coffee smell is yummy!

  • damn expensive…that was my first thought when I saw this product!!! one can equally get spa type products for same money. they give much luxurious feel 🙂

    • 😀 true thats why i mentioned “splurge” on a face scrub in the end 😀 😉

  • they have 25% off on all products in store currently

  • I love this scrub too. Read my review of the same here

  • The thought of coffee in a scrub is yummmmm but price !!!

    • yep that is something to think about 😀 but i will be doing a DIY coffee scrub post soon 😀

  • expensive!! buy it works thats good, I used crushed cofee beans at home and make my own scrub 🙂