Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel: Review

Dark circles are an issue for most of us. Late last year thanks to dark circles I always looked like a raccoon (when I wasn’t wearing a concealer that is but it was still bad!).  Fine wrinkles had also started appearing in the undereye area.  Wearing glasses only made things worse! So I was on a mission to find an under eye cream. I was clueless since I had never had the need to use one till then. But I was very sure I didn’t want something which was harsh or something with too many chemicals in it.


I bought the Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel  at Health and Glow at a whim. I was in a desperate need of a product which would make my dark circles disappear and it had all natural ingredients so I didn’t think twice before picking this up. Did it work for me? Read on to find out.

Price: 115 INR
Qty: 20ml
Ingredients and what the company claims:

The tube is so tiny that it can fit in your palm easily! The tube has a red screw type cap and a small opening through which you can take the product. Personally I find this a little messy.

How I use it: I take a little of the under eye gel and apply it as a thin layer under my eyes at night. I’ve noticed that applying a thick layer doesn’t help; it remains sticky and makes a mess on your face 😛 Irrespective of how much you apply the gel sticks on to your undereye area so applying a thin layer only makes sense!
I have been using this for three months now (religiously every morning and night!!) and I have to say this product has partially worked for me. It has considerably reduced my dark circles but I’m not sure I can say the same about wrinkles. I don’t see any visible reduction of wrinkles. 🙁

I would recommend this to people who have only dark circles and not wrinkles because personally I don’t find it effective for that.. But it needs to be regularly used and DO NOT expect immediate results. It is very mild on the skin and will take time for the results to show.
Tip: While applying concealer or an undereye cream/gel use your ring finger to do so. It applies the mildest pressure on the delicate undereye area as opposed to other fingers.
Have you tried the Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel?
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  • 😀 😀 deeps does it helps with puffiness 😕 i hv slight puffiness, not much of dark circles

    • yes it does .. usually under eye gels help in reducing puffiness 😀

  • i have terrible problems under my eyes…still looking out for something good, nice review, Deeps 🙂

    • even i need to continue my search for a better one.. 😀

  • nice review

  • it made my lashes gorgeous ! i dont have any wrinkles but it keeps my dark circles and puffiness at bay ! love it


    • 🙂 it is very effective for dark circles 😀 but now i need to find some good undereye product which would get rid of wrinkles

  • thnks for sharing

  • I used it for a month Deeps and i feel it somehow messed a lot with the lines under my eyes. 🙁 It did help in the puffiness though!

    • Same here.. It didn’t do anything to the lines under my eyes though.. 🙁

    • When you say “i feel it somehow messed a lot with the lines under my eyes”, do you mean it made the under eye lines worse?

    • When you say “i feel it somehow messed a lot with the lines under my eyes”, do you mean it made them worse?

  • i want this! it helps with under eye bags?

    • Yes it helps with under eye bags and puffiness 😀 but it does not work for fine lines in the under eye area. 🙁