Kryolan Blusher: Lake: Review and Swatches

We’ve all heard people raving about the Kryolan foundation stick, concealer and the translucent powder (including me!) but here is one more product from their vast range of amazing products which all of us can bow down to! Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting to you the Kryolan Blush! STOP!! Now how many of us have heard of these blushers?? Not many of us right? RIGHT :P.

So here’s how I came across this one. Any store I go into the first thing I look for are blushers (I know that is so typical of me!). Unfortunately when the Kryolan flagship store had launched in Chennai, the blushers weren’t in stock so I returned home with just the foundation and the translucent powder (POOR me 🙁 ). The second time I went there my eyes were in for a visual treat! There were so many blushers and I didn’t know which ones to choose. So I bought 3 of them.

The one I’ll be reviewing today is called “Lake”. It is a beautiful pinkish mauve shade which will look gorgeous on all skintones. But I wonder why such a beautiful shade is called “Lake”!! 

Price: Rs 350

Quantity: 2.5g
Packaging: It comes in a circular pan with a plastic transparent lid with the trademark Kryolan logo on top of the lid. It is convenient to carry (although the lid seems to not be of sturdy material) as well as see the color without opening the case.


What the official website says:

It is a mix of a powder and a cream blush. It is a powder blush which is also creamy in texture :/ (I really don’t know how to explain this one! )

The color payoff is extremely good. Lake gives a very natural mauvy pinkish flush to the cheeks and it last throughout the day. (I wore it at 8.30 in the morning and it lasted on me till 8 at night). It did fade a little after a few hours but then it didn’t matter to me since it still looked pretty on my cheeks. A piece of warning though: Don’t get scared by the color in the pan or the amount of color the brush picks up from the pan. The brush transfers the correct amount of color on to the cheeks.

What I like:

  • The color; The pinkish mauve color will suit just about anyone.
  • The pigmentation is fabulous! 
  • The longevity of the color on the cheeks
  • It is inexpensive for the amazing quality although I just wish the quantity could have been a little more.

What I didn’t like:

  • Unavailability; If there wasn’t a Kryolan store in Chennai I wouldn’t have even known about their products other than the ones I mentioned above!
  • Better packaging; They could have used sturdier material for their cases.
  • Wish it came with a mirror and a brush (Kryolan brushes are good I heard so a small brush would have been helpful)


Overall other than these few minor “dislikes” I love the blush! It is a gorgeous color and will definitely suit everyone! I would give this 4/5 :X

PS: There is a 5 and a 15 color blusher palette available at the Kryolan store but the only disadvantage is that we cannot choose the colors we need. It is a pre-set palette 🙁 

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  • wowww 😀 watta gorgeous color deeps 😀 it must hv looked gorgeous on u 😉 <3

    • Upsiii :* *blush* i really cant comment on how it looked on me but all i can say is it made me feel good 😀 i chose a reddish coral shade first along with the other two colors but last minute when the SA was billing the stuff I exchanged this for that one.. And i absolutely have no regrets.. its one of the best colors Kryolan has 😀

  • Blushes!!My love!! Its been months since I gt a blush 😐 Where is the kryolan store in Chennai Deeps??? Even I want a mauvish blush 🙂

    • haha.. welcome to the gang of blush lovers! 😀 The Kryolan store is in Ramee Mall near the Kalaignar TV office and Hyatt Hotel – DMS 😀 they have amazing colors..

  • Wow!! so pretty and the price is an advantage. Need to visit this store soon 🙂

    • you should Indu 🙂 they have AMAZING stuff!!! 😀

  • oh wow ! it gives such a nice rosy flushed look

    • I love this shade Riddhi! 🙂 Do you have a kryolan store in your city?

  • ahhh! this is like a feast for the senses!!! i want kryolan in pune tooo!!! i dont care if they dont stock foundi or anythin, but i want blush!!!

    • hehe 😀 Z this is such a gorgeous shade! i was sooooo disappointed the first time i went to the store! the blushers werent in stock :O but then the three colors i got on my second visit really made my day!

    • ill bet!!! cant blame u…i get disappointed with any store which doesnt stock blushes…this is so gorgeous….like butter it looks!

    • hehe.. its better than butter 😉

  • oh my god deepsi i need lake in my goes to my delhi shopping list 😉 …. itsssssss gorgeousssss <3 but where is fotd..i wanna c it on ur beautiful cheeks :*

    • Tupsii.. This color will look fab on you.. <3 How you feeling now? Will put it on fb this weekend :* 😀

    • awww thanks me get it 😀 feeling lill better 🙂 waiting waiting ;D

    • hehe.. will tag you when i put up the pic 😀

  • Gorgeous..gorgeous color..I am toh full fida…wish Kryolan was available here..Have to make my list for the next trip to Mumbai

    • I’m surprised there is no Kryolan store in Pune!! :/ hmmm.. but Kryolan has gorgeous colors Paro! Im sure you’ll love all of them! 😀

  • love the shade, kryolan stuff is very good!

    • Kryolan has quality products at reasonable rates! which is your favourite Kryolan product?

  • We dont have kryolan store, anywhere here, I sooo want online shopping sites to stick these up! Awesome shade!

    • you can request online shopping sites to stock up on kryolan stuff.. if not let me know what you want ill pick it up for you the next time i go there 🙂

  • Loved the shade..Chambor Single Blush has similar creamy texture in powder blushes..

    • Really! 😀 How much is it? These powder blushes with a creamy texture are so good to work with!

  • pretty shade deepika…& d quality is great for the price!!!!

    • The quality is really good! You should check out the Kryolan store here 🙂 They’ve got an awesome collection!

  • wowww..this looks supahhhhhhhhhh…Deep! Next time wen i go to kryolan m picking this n the coral one tooooooo 😀 😀 they r pretty inexpensive! 🙂

    • The coral and the orange ones are absolutely beautiful!

  • it looks lovely when blended 🙂 BTW where is it available in chennai… wanna grab one now…


    • Ridz there is a kryolan store in Ramee mall in Chennai.. right near the kalaignar TV office.. 🙂 Lake is a lovely color and the best part is it will suit everyone. 🙂

    • Thanks for the info 🙂 i thought only shoppers stop is there..and yeah it looks like a shade which will suit everyone.. i seriously got scared when i looked at the colour in the pan.. but when blended it looks nice 🙂

    • Infact the third MAC store is opening up there.. you can get most of the high end makeup stuff there..

  • Totally agree with Ridz.. Beautiful shade 🙂

    • 🙂 Shruti they have many more amazing colors.. will swatch the other two i bought soon 🙂

  • Lovely shade Deepika..Kryolan store in Kolkata is 2 buildings away from my house but never went i will have to..

    • Only 2 buildings away from your place?? :O How lucky are you!!! 😀 i need to travel 40-45 mins to get to the store 😛 Love the stuff they have though! You must visit it and Im sure you’ll get hooked onto their products 🙂

  • shy

    Nice shade Deepika.I think that they have named it lake bcoz there are lot of lake ingredients. Lake is a form of dye added in cosmetics and food colouration.

  • shy
    • Oh.. 😀 thank you for the info 🙂 now it makes sense 😀

  • This is a gorgeous shade! And what amazing pigmentation!

    • and both at an amazing price! Kryolan has some really good quality stuff!!

  • WOW! This is just amazing! Wish they had an online store.

  • WOW! THis is just amazing! I wish they had an online store. 🙁

    • If they had an online store they would have had a lot of loyal customers by now!! 😀 D an online store is the best option to reach to us makeup lovers 😀

    • I agree!

      I want this blush so badly! Nice review!

    • 🙂 ive put up a pic on my fb page for those of you guys who wanted to see how the blush looks 🙂

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  • Amazing color 🙂

    • 🙂 And it is one of those rare colors which will look good on everyone 🙂

  • Am going to the kryolan store tom..yay!thanx for this Deepika..u hav made me fall in lov with kryolan time am in chennai,I wanna shop wid u..:)

    • you’ll love the blushers and the lipsticks for sure!! they are of great quality and affordable!! Let me know what you buy 🙂
      When are you coming to Chennai next? Can’t wait to go shopping with you! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing…

    here is one of the good online shopping site in india: Online Shopping in India

  • Thanks for these! I’m so excited to learn that Kryolan is in India, I can’t wait to get some of their products!