Bring on the Blush! Series: Part 1: Tips and tricks to apply blush

Being a self-confessed blush addict, after  a lot of trial and error I’ve learnt that applying a blush is not as easy as it looks πŸ˜› Nothing brings about the glow on your face than a blush. You can instantly brighten up your face by using a hint of color on your cheeks.

There have been times I’ve looked like a clown when I initially started using blushers and also picked the wrong colors for me. Initially I had no clue on how to apply a blusher and I scouted the net for good tutorials on applying a blush. Over a few months after watching a few videos, experimenting with various colors and layering and talking to MUAs I’ve learnt a lot on applying a blush. So I decided this is the right time to do a series on blushers.

So lets start off with a few things you need to keep in mind while applying a blush:
  • Invest in a good blush brush. The small brushes which usually come with the blush serve no purpose (atleast most of the time don’t)!
  • While taking the product on your brush make sure to tap off the excess and then apply on your cheeks.
  • This was a tip given by the MAC MUA in Chennai. Always smile when you apply your blush. This not only helps you locate the apple of your cheek but also gives you a natural color to your cheek since there is an immediate rush of blood to your cheeks when you smile. So even if you forget to apply your blush don’t forget to smile! πŸ˜‰
  • If you have oily skin do go in for a powder or a liquid blush.  
  • Cream blushers (ideally for dry skin) give the β€œmost wanted” dewy finish provided it is used correctly. Take some on your ring finger and apply it in dots starting from the apple of your cheek. Blend using your finger. It is ideal to use your finger to apply a cream blush since the heat from your finger allows for easy blending. You could also use a stippling brush which I do with a few NYX cream blusher colors.
  • For your blush to last long use a cream blush before applying a powder blush. This ensures longevity of the color on your cheeks.
  • Always apply powder blushers in one direction. Otherwise it tends to look streaky.
  • It is important (although not necessary!) to contour your face to highlight the cheekbone.This shows the blush color in a better light and defines the cheekbones well. Also to add the final touch, highlight the highest point of your cheekbone and you are all set to rock and roll!
These are the blushers I’ll be reviewing this week:

Hope this helped! Meanwhile do check out this video by Lisa Eldridge. I loved the way she has used a blush to give her the “rosy flush”. 
Do leave your comments, suggestions and feedback below! πŸ™‚ 
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  • Do review the Sunbasque shade! Its looking gr8, I love inglot blush !refills

    • Sure Taps! Inglot blush refills are affordable and the quantity in the pan is sufficient to last us for a lifetime! πŸ˜€

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