And the verdict on Blisscovered is..

The concept of “Beauty Boxes” was something all of us loved and when there was news that it was being introduced in India it seemed like heaven for beauty bloggers! I had very high expectations from Glossybox and Blisscovered but sadly both of them failed in different ways. Glossybox lost out on their reputation even before they launched here.  

First lets take a look at whats in the Blisscovered box this month.
  • H2O Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter
  • Forest Essentials Neem and Saffron Face wash
  • Lancome Paris Genifique Youth activating Concentrate
  • MUFE lab Shine Star Collection S18
  • Loverdose Diesel Perfume Vial

And this is what I got in my Feb box. 
  • The NaturesCo. Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash and Coffee Scrub samples
  • Omved Tired Foot Soak
  • Chambor Stay On Waterproof 303 Forever Blue
  • Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum
  • Chambor Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I really liked the selection of a few products in the boxes. The packaging is also very pretty (Purple being one of my favourite colors!)

So whats the problem you may ask! I have a whole lot to pour to you guys!
  • Blisscovered is repeating the products they’ve sent in their previous boxes! Ive seen the same products which I got in my March box in someone else’s Jan box! Are they trying to get rid of excess stock or something??
  • I had clearly mentioned that I DID NOT want perfume samples in my box but look at what I got in my March Box! Again clear proof of the fact that they are sending products from whatever was left over from the Jan and Feb Boxes!
  • They didn’t send me a list of how to use the products with my March Box! I thought they usually send that! Atleast I got one of those in my Feb box!
  • The customer service is terrible! I had placed an order for my Feb Box in January. I received it only on Feb 29th. I had spoken to another beauty blogger who also lives in Chennai and she received it way earlier than I did. I had tweeted them, sent a message on FB, mailed them, contacted them through the contact form on their website but they didn’t even respond! 
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Blisscovered! Like really???? Im totally disappointed!
What do you girls think? 
  • 🙁 terrible.. i don’t think they ever considered the so called beauty profile :-/ infact i ws done with them after i received my 1st 😐 it wasn’t bad at first but once i started noticing that almost every1 got same products (redundancy of products with almost everyone) i decided not to order again as i clearly knew they’re not keeping the preferences in mind !! phew… we should probably buy some other stuff that costs around 700/- instead of buying samples !! i’m done with them.. and for glossybox .. they’ve lost all the reputation !

    • seriously! they had an amazing chance to establish themselves in the market since Glossybox was out of the picture and God knows when Ritzbox is launching! But they themselves ruined the chance they had!

    • oh yes and lots of other ventures are out of sight.. like spastore, lushbox, ritzbox…seriously disappointed :-/

    • yep! what a bummer!

  • Ya I read many problems too..sending expiry stuff..kimi, shruthi n all got expired stuff when they checked the batch..and also the repeated products ! N getting the box at the end of the month is terrible..

    • OMG!!! really? how terrible is that?

  • Deepsi.. As u have already seen my bliss box of march…I dont think so u need to knw my take on this one,.. M so not buying the box again.. I just wantd to try for once.. n they have really disaappointed me.. I wud rather save that money for some thing better!

    • true.. everyone seems disappointed with blisscovered!

  • agree.. pathetic service deeps.. they sent me an email saying that thrs no march box for me this time! glad they dint send me one! heard from Varsh that ritzbox is also a bummer!

    • Lucky gal!! now you can splurge at inglot or MAC 😉 Did ritzbox announce their launch? did you get the blisscovered jan box also?

  • It seems i made the right decision by not going into these boxes.. this is really sad..n expiry products 😐 :

    • seriously! did you also host a glossybox giveaway? Glossybox was also very unprofessional!

  • i won corallista’s glossybox giveaway in feb but its almost april and i m still to hear from them . i ordered a blisscovered box but it came when i was out for vacs. i so had asked them to send before a paricular date and then a mail asking me why i cancelled it. pathetic, pathetic , pathetic !!!!!!!!!!!

    • i dont understand why they ask us for our preference when they do what they want to do! Seriously PATHETIC! Btw glossybox hasn’t gotten back to the winner of the glossybox contest on Divassence too!

  • its really not worth the money/…saw the products in some one else’s stash also and they are all small samples which don’t really account upto 700 bucks!!!

    • i agree! the lancome product had very very little product in it! it wasn’t even enough to test whether it is suitable for me or not!

  • total bummer…i dnt lik wen ppl dnt behav wit professional ethics…atleast v blogger use our blogs to write abt thes issues bt wt would a non blogger would do…nd thnks fr writin an eyeopener post…:)

    • you’re welcome sunaa! i had purposely subscribed from another id of mine to ensure they dint know i was a blogger to see how their service is! Btw long time!! how’ve you been? 🙂