Maybelline New York Bright Benefit Cream in 02 Radiance: Review, swatches & FOTD

“Try again and you shall succeed” is a very famous quote but the idea fails when it comes to resisting makeup shopping. The whole world a few days back was talking about the launch of the Maybelline BB cream in India and I tried resisting falling in the trap of buying what everyone else were. But as soon as I saw the packaging of the Maybelline BB cream I was sold! 😀

Price: Rs 199
Qty: 18 ml
Packaging: A very cute teal tube with a pink cap 
Shades available:  
01 Natural
02 Radiance (the one Im reviewing now)
03 N*de
Wish there were more shades to choose from!
Where to buy it from: Stylecraze (Rs 199) 
How I use it: I take a little of the cream (approx a pea size) at the back of my hand and use a stippling brush to blend it onto my face and neck.  
What Maybelline claims:
I will review the product along the lines of the claims so that it will give you a clear picture on how exactly it has worked for me.
My skin type: Extremely dry (worse than the Saharas! Seriously! No kidding!) 😛
Claim: Instantly brightens
My take: As soon as I apply it there is a thin white film on my face (which makes me look like a ghost!) but after 15-20 minutes my face is really bright and the entire product has sunken into my skin!
Claim: Protects with SPA 21 and is smooth, light and non-greasy in texture
My take: Errr… Initially I found it very difficult to blend. Then like how in a typical movie a hero comes to the heroine’s rescue the stippling brush came to my rescue! The stippling brush works best with this and it evenly spreads the product across your face.
Claim: Hydrates: Moisturizes all day (8 hours)
My take: this is one thing I don’t agree with! It does not make my moisturized nor it does it sap out the little moisture my skin has. So it’s a 50:50 for me.
Claim: Conceals: Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes and redness
My take: It does conceal flaws to an extent. A little better than a tinted moisturizer though. It does not give you full coverage.
Claim: Smoothens: Instantly makes skin softer and smoother
My take: Agree! My skin is softer and the unevenness is terms of little bumps or the roughness on my face is gone when I use this one.
Claim: Mattifies: Controls shine all day
My take: No! If it were to mattify my skin I wouldn’t be using it. It doesn’t do anything of that sort to me but I have no clue how it works on oily skin
Claim: Freshens: Resists sweat and sebum for 5 hours
My take: This claim is thankfully true. Since I work in the school the amount of running around and the power cuts make me sweat excessively. Thankfully this one resists sweat!

Before and after blending (using a stippling brush)

The cream lasts on me for 8-9 hours. I’m happy with the coverage since I don’t require a heavy foundation for my skin. This one works for me quite decently except for the moisturizing aspect.
Here’s how the BB cream looks on me (after 4 hours of roaming around in the scorching heat!):
Finally I would give this a 3.5/5. I don’t need to recommend this to you guys since Im sure by now all of you would have tried it out! 😛 
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  • Oh even after 4hrs ..u r looking damn pretty and fresh…deppy! had it been me …I wud luk like a ghost with all racoon eyes wit kajal smudged all around my eyes n my nose shining like a disco call out of oiliness ..but u look good!

    • hehe.. thankies ric! but it is a pain to have dry skin 🙁

  • Hey Deepika, you are so pretty yaar, your hair is really soooo good, me J you know :p Anyways I have still tried this product, good review,and Yes hero came to recue heroine was really so fun to read! 🙂

    • thanks Taps! 🙂 lol it was really a situation of a hero coming to the rescue.. it was like “lo woh aagaya” “P

  • me too luv dis deepsi..n u knw every talks abt hw difficult its to blend but for me it blends very easily i guess because of d oil in my skin :p n it didnt make oily also for 3-4hrs in sun :X n needless to say u r luking gorgeous :-* 😉

    • tupssssssssss!! lucky you! it is soooo difficult for me to blend it.. my hands start hurting after a while and im like “enough is enough.. its ok if the kids at school think im a ghost :P” and thank you! <3

  • You r looking so cute Deeps 🙂 such a cutie smile 😀
    I have yet to try this one,,read so many reviews,,bt after reading ur one I am thinking to give it a try 🙂

    • thanks Nams! 🙂 thats like the best compliment Ive ever gotten.. do try it.. Im sure you will not regret it esp if you have oily skin (you can read tulips’ comment above which is like a mini-review :D) 🙂 how’ve you been?

  • u luk fab..u have gorgeous skin!!

    • thank you Kanika! have you tried the bb cream?

  • nice review.. i too think it turns a bit whitish as soon as u apply n then after a while sets in… u look really cutre..hugs

    • true.. as soon as i bought it and used it for the first time i was sooo scared!! thankfully i dint wash it off my face 😛 and thank you sukanya :* *hugs*

  • very nice review…u r luking beautifulll <3

    • thank you sweetheart <3 🙂

  • Nafisa

    Lookin so nice Deepsie 🙂 Love what ure wearin…ethnic chic!!

    • Thanks Naf! <3 🙂 how’ve you been?

  • u look so fresh fresh n beautiful deepsi. :* i am loving the BB cream myself. 😀 its good for ppl who dont like full coverage foundation.:)

    • thankies Jyo :* hugs.. somehow a foundation which gives me a full coverage seems very heavy and i look too made up 😀

  • even after 4 hrs u do luk gud n fresh….n i luv ur pretty curly hair…

  • first things first …You look very pretty and fresh…
    i am havin radiance only.. same to same 😀
    me conbi skinned…works pretty fine for me 🙂

    • thanks Varshini! 🙂
      which shade do you use? is it easy to blend on your skin?

  • Woww Nice Review Deeps 🙂 The medium coverage is okay for me and the staying power is.. just.. too great 😀
    Loved the way you explained every claim and your opinion 🙂

    • thanks lancy.. i hope your doubts are cleared! go for it! 🙂

  • Kirthi

    Deepika you look LOVELY <3

    • thanks kirthi! <3 and welcome back! 🙂

  • even i’m lovin it 😀 i agree it takes some time and then adapts to our skin tone 😉

  • I like stippling brushes very much, also I am still trying to resist not to get this one as I still have my ponds TM to finish, and i have barely used it!! I’ve seen the Estee Lauder BB cream and hope that it launches here too. But I think I will get it after reading your review and seeing your photo 🙂

  • how do find Ponds TM? Ooooh! I so badly want to get my hands on the Estee Lauder BB Cream!

  • you are looking cute…nice review <3