Elle 18 colour bomb lipsticks: Review and Swatches

You would’ve  seen a zillion reviews on the Elle 18 lipsticks. But since I have a few issues with these I decided to review them in detail and see if others feel the same way too.

So here are the 4 colours I have from this collection:

From L to R: Mulberry Splash, Wildberry Wet, Caramel and Mystery Mauve

  • Inexpensive; Good for people who are new to makeup and want to experiment with colours
  • Packaging is extremely cute.
  • The tiny gold sparkles on the lipstick gives the colour the much needed shimmer when applied on the lips
  • The centre core of the lipstick is meant to moisturize the lips and it does its job pretty decently 😀

  • Staying power is poor. Very poor L
  • The scent of the lipstick is so strong that it lingers till the lipstick lasts on your lips (oh well! this is probably an easy way to know when to reapply your lipstick :P) but seriously, it gives me a headache
  • The lighter shades from this collection cannot be used on pigmented lips 

  1. Caramel (a brown shade which can pass off as a nude if worn sparingly. 
  2. Mulberry Splash (a lovely mauve shade)
  3. Mystery Mauve (a mysterious combination of pink and mauve)
Note: Swatches of the colours shown above are the results of a single swipe of the lipsticks
I have a big issue with the wildberry wet one. It looks pink on the tube but when I swatched it, it was just a glossy transparent colourless one! If that is the case then shouldn’t it  be a lipgloss?? Why would someone buy a colourless lipstick? (I did because there were no testers at the store and I loved the colour on the tube L) Its like going to a Harry Potter movie only to discover Daniel Radcliffe isn’t in the movie.. Like how Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe are synonymous, for me lipsticks and colour are!! So whats the whole point then?

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 I would give these 3/5
Price: Rs 100 each
Available at the beauty counters of supermarkets.i bought mine from Nilgiris

What I love in the Elle18 Colourbomb collection:
Nail colours
Eye Sparklers

I might buy the lipsticks again if i find a pretty colour

What I would skip:

So what are your favourites in this collection?

  • I dont have these..but wildberry wet looks nice..

  • wildberry wet is just a transparent glossy lipstick. Its colourless.. 🙁 ive written a huge paragraph about it..

  • I had a bad experience with their old version lipsticks… So am not gonna get this again. Also most of them are shimmery na??

  • ya.. you can skip it shruthi.. unless there is some unique colour which suits you well and not available in other brands..

  • debi

    wildberry wet is very light! not transparent! looks great on my lips! jus my lip colour (probably a tad bit lighter!)

  • @debi Welcome to Divassence debi! 🙂 it was transparent when i swatched it and when i wore it. It was like a transparent glossy lipstick 😀