Sleek Blush By 3: Sugar: Review/Swatches/FOTD

Athough scientifically not proven, brown sugar is supposedly healthier than its refined version. Ah well.. Those teeny packets of brown sugar at CCD (well there is not much difference in taste I say!) gives me immense joy so much so, that now even at home I use only organic brown sugar (the taste is different in this case!). Now when a palette is named Sugar and it is a trio where each blush is named after a type of brown sugar, how could I resist from not owning one? So Ladies, presenting you the sweetest (errr.. sounds cheesy but had to say that!) blush in my stash, the Sleek Blush By 3 in Sugar! The name makes me feel high!!

Price: $12.49 for 20g (all the 3 blushers together)
Sleek Blush By 3 is a palette of 3 blushers (I know that was such a duh! moment! :P) each unique in its own way, yet they have a common element that makes these palettes so perfect in the first place. This one, called Sugar (364)  reminds me of Fall and all three colors remind of the autumn leaves.

The three colors are named after types of brown sugar (like I mentioned earlier). If you look at the picture below, from L to R the shades are Demerara, Muscavado and Turbinado.

On to the description of each color, mind you, these pictures were taken under direct sunlight so the color in the pan looks a little different although the swatches remain true to the color.

Demerara: Demerara is a warm matte red blush with pink and brown tones to it. It looks like a deep berry shade in the pan but is actually a red! It is a such a wearable shade. Do not get scared by how deep and dark it looks in the pan! 😛

Muscavado: Although it looks brown (and boring) in the pan, this one steals the show when swatched and applied. It is an iridescent deep plum which looks pink in a certain angle and has golden shimmer which does not stand out when applied.

Turbinado: Turbinado looks like a warm orange-brown in the pan but the actual color when swatched and applied on the cheeks leans towards a much lighter coral shade. It has a satin finish and doesn’t have any shimmer.

All the three blushers in this trio are insanely pigmented and a little goes a long way. Remember the “tap off the excess from your brush” rule? It very well “applies” here. Well, if you don’t you’ll have the time of your life blending!! 😉 Seriously, ensure you tap off the excess from your brush before applying the blush because blending then becomes easier. I find it difficult to blend Demerara and so I use very little at a time and most of the time I combine Turbinado and Demerara to obtain the perfect warm coral that is apt for any occasion. I’ve noticed that with Muscavado, too much blending causes the shimmer to stand out, and the lustrous plum looks muddy with shimmer scattered all over your cheeks which you see, is definitely not a pleasant sight.

All the three blushers lasted on my cheeks for approximately 7 hours and then faded evenly (ONLY if blended properly!). And did I tell you that it comes with a mirror? The mirror is large enough for you to see your entire face and do your face makeup for the day! 😛

Swiped once

In the picture above, I’ve used a mix of Turbinado and Demerara and you can see the warmth that Demerara brings in and the soft coral courtesy Turbinado. 🙂

Final Word: Sugar is a blush palette that has 3 shades, all suitable for every skin tone possibly known to mankind! The pigmentation, staying power makes it a winner although a little effort is needed to blend it well. If you have access to Sleek Makeup then do not hesitate to get this one!