MUA Lipstick: Shade 7: Review/Swatch/FOTD

As much as I love my bright bold lipsticks, there are days when I like to opt for a simple fresh look and a subtle lipstick would be my ideal choice for such a look (read TIRED, LACK OF TIME AND LAZINESS!! :P). And when I placed an order for MUA lipsticks I randomly picked numbers from the list (some MUA lipsticks have shade numbers) and one of them happened to be Shade 7, which perfectly fits the description above. 


Price£1 for 3.8g
Color: Shade 7 is a coral pink color. It has silver glitter particles which doesn’t look chunky and out of place when applied. When applied on the lips, the color looks a lot more pink than I imagined because it looks more of a coral when swatched on the hand. 
When I first swatched the shade I thought maybe the color and the very very slight yellow undertone might not suit me but I was absolutely wrong! The color adapts to your lips and looks more pink or coral according to your skin tone so I would safely say this would suit all skin tones. This is the kind of color that would look good for any occasion at any time of the day. 
The color glides on smoothly and there is a good amount of coverage in the first swipe. It does not make the lips dry or feel heavy and uncomfortable, nor does it settle in the fine lines. The 1 GBP lipsticks by MUA, I must say, are some of the best in the drugstore, in terms of texture and that too at a price like that! 
What I like the most is the compact small transparent pot that can be unscrewed from the bottom which contains lipstick in addition to the lipstick in the tube. Apparently this is to ensure convenient touch-ups which I find to be a fabulous idea! I can see myself slyly taking some and touching up at a restaurant without anyone noticing! 😛 And if not anything, it serves the purpose of identifying the color of the lipstick when the rest of the tube is glossy black in color! 
The lipstick stays on for about 3 hours (and this time includes snacking and a sip of water every hour)and then I find that one or two glitter particles are left behind. The color fades away completely after 3 and a half hours and that definitely calls for reapplication. 
In the picture below, I used a mix of Sleek Mirrored Pink and VIVO Baked Blush Rouge Shimmer and brushed it on my cheeks with a very very light hand. That combination works really well with this lipstick. If you want a more prominent color on your cheeks then go for a pink or coral depending on how the lipstick looks on you. 

Final Word: Highly recommended! Such a color works for a day and night look and is extremely versatile! MUA lipsticks are worth much more than the price it comes for. So I would say, if you have a chance stock up on these!! 

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  • For the price its a steal 😮 color is looking lovely on you too 🙂

  • Oh this looks just so pretty. Nice FOTD 🙂

  • <3 the shade! 😀

  • Very pretty Pink shade Deepika!
    The new layout of the blog is also very pretty… 🙂

  • This is the kind of pink that flatters almost all skintones. I am definitly putting a thumbs up for the color, but your cheeks!! I am staring at them ( even though I am no stalker 😛 )

    • its one of those pinks that would adapt to your skin tone 😀 and I’m not a pink person and despite that I really like this one 😀

      Lol 😀 😀 i take that as a huuuuge compliment! 😀 thank you :* <3

  • flattering color .. shimmers dont show then i’ll consider buying this. Is that Deborah milano on ur cheeks ?? not bad macha .. I should consider buying one myself !!

    • ive explained what blush i was wearing 😛 go back and read di!! 😛

      but the DM one is AMAZING too!! The first review after this BRIT Brands month will be that..

  • Such a pretty shade 🙂 Looks lovely on you <3

  • I loved the shade.. its really prettyy!!
    and that lip balm funda.. well tahts awesum!!
    MUA is on my list now.. 🙂

    • 😀 thank you Poonam.. and I’m sure this color would look lovely on you! 🙂

  • Awesome shade, I would definitely get this

  • lovely shade… You are so tempting me to get MUA stuff 😛

  • Wow ! the shade is really really pretty and suits you so well 🙂 i wish i get this one 🙁 i told u na …about mine one 🙁

  • u looking gorgeous wid this color on.. i wud have never thought of buying this but u made me fall in love wid the shade.. <3