Lets Talk!: Male Grooming: How Much is Too Much?

Male Grooming has evolved over the years. The tag of metrosexual men is something which has been used in the past decade, frequently. It all started with shaving the beard, trimming the mustache which is something very basic to the advent of fairness creams, lipbalms, shaping eyebrows and almost everything we do. 


So today lets talk about what the deal breaker is over here. How much is too much for you? 

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  • eyebrow threading… lol.. I just cant stand men with shapely brows!

    • Nor can I! It just looks so weird! I’ve actually seen men get their eyebrows threaded! Maybe it is normal nowadays or something that is accepted but i’m not able to! 😛

    • i almost want to say ‘yuck’ on that guy’s face…
      also… ahem… shaved chests…. *puke*
      sorry to write it here 😛

  • haha i dont know bt i like hubby to go and take clean-up once in month/two months… 😀

  • I don mind men with shaved chests.Eyebrow threading is lil too much but Gurmeet choudary looks gr8 with threaded brows 😀

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