Maybelline New York Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara: Review/EOTD

I’ve never looked beyond blushers whenever I go to a cosmetics store! Lets face it! I’m a blush addict. But if there is something in recent times that has managed to grab my attention left right and center it has to be the Mascara! Holy Moly! I can’t believe I looked past this wonder product till the beginning of this year!(although I had tried a horrible one from Avon and was completely put off by it!) Today’s review will be on one of my favourite mascaras from Maybelline (for the sole reason it curls my lashes and nothing else!!).

The Maybelline New York Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara (phew!) was something I discovered accidently. I had gone to the store to get some stuff from the Dream range and the SA brainwashed me saying  if I get something for 150 bucks more I get a free gift (lol 😀 I got this really cute set of drawers with floral prints btw) so I decided to get this one.
Price: 180 INR
The mascara does not have a drying formula and leaves your lashes as flexible as it was before applying it. The mascara is waterproof (I don’t really have a tough time removing it though with a makeup remover) which is a good thing.

The wand of this particular mascara is a little curved and gives my eyelashes the much needed lift. It lifts my lashes in a curved upward direction which also gives the illusion that my lashes are longer.  The bristles on the wand are even throughout. It is only the curved nature of the wand that makes the difference. 
This leads to another important point: I find it a little difficult to apply mascara using this particular wand on my lashes in the inner corner since the bristles are pretty big.
The mascara claims “volume” which is the issue here. Hello!!! Volume? Where are you?? Sigh.. if only the mascara delivered what it promised! There is an absolute lack of volume when this mascara is used!
It doesn’t separate out the lashes as much as I would love it to but fairs pretty decently at that. At the end of 2 and a half  months the product clumps and is difficult to use.Final Word: A good budget friendly mascara and a must have for those of you who love curly lashes 🙂  Good for everyday wear. Those of you who are blessed with curly lashes can skip this one!

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  • woohoo :X..loving ur eyes deeps :*
    sounds like a good product and i wanted a washable mascara so will defo try this
    currently loving maybellinez colossal good volume..u should give it a try 🙂

    • thank you <3 :*
      I’m currently using this one for everyday wear and covergirl one (which I’ll review soon). For dramatic lashes i use the inglot one.. I should try colossal next. 😀 If you have straight lashes you’ll love this Lee 😀

  • HnB

    yeah.. i used this before n it sucked… i too love volume and ready to sacrifice curl for tat ;P

    these days i m using colossal waterproof after setting up my lashes with a curler.. colossal is good but does clump.. 🙁

  • its an ok-ish mascara 😀 i want to try revlon luscious grow 😀 😀

    • me too!! i am trying different mascaras now to see which works better 😀

  • i lov colossal one..havent tried this…i don like spendin much on mascaras as the shelf life is less..i always opt for avon or maybelline..nice review..i might get this next

    • for 180 bucks it is pretty decent..

  • in btw.. u hav mentioned that ur a blush addict.. then plz do a post on Blushes that suit duksy Indian skin tone…

  • oyee so where is d pic of the freebie 😉 pls post a pic na 😀

    • ok ill post the pic on the fb page tomorrow 😀

  • I kinda love this one more than the colossal mascara i have..i used this one often like daily…love it..nice review.. dep <3

  • thanks Deeps! was going to get this but you saved me, will try the eyeconic mascara from Lakme

    • anytime! 🙂
      Even i want to try t eyeconic mascara.. the wand looks interesting 😀