MAC Throw Me a Line Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: Review, Swatch

Lip pencils are something I’ve started using in recent days. I have a red from Avon, a berry one from Inglot and the third and most recent addition is the MAC Throw Me a Line from the Hey, Sailor! collection! I was keen on getting a good red orange lip pencil(which is soooo difficult to find here!!) so when this collection was launched I didn’t hesitate to get this one although the price burnt a huge hole in my pocket 😛

Throw Me a Line?? Like seriously! I would probably throw this one a line, catch it by the hook and never let it go! I love this color so much! :X It is a reddish orange lip pencil and is totally matte. Now I’ve always stayed away from anything matte (lip products) since I feel that it shows the fine lines on my lips prominently and dries my lips further. But I had to get this one thanks to the shade. 😀
Price: 1300 INR
Qty: 1.2 gms
Finish: Matte
Packaging: A pencil which has a blue cap and blue white nautical stripes on the pencil. Tres chic!

I love the color but let me get to some points beyond that. 😀 This pencil is so matte that it makes my lips looks like a shrunken tomato (I have thick lips so you can imagine! 😛 ). It isn’t difficult to use it on the lips, it doesn’t tug or pull but once applied my lips look shrunk.(This was the same problem I had with the Kryolan lip pencil as well but I had other issues with that as well!).

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Throw Me a Line is a Pro longwear lip pencil. The staying power is very good. It lasted on me for an entire outing with friends (from morning 10 to about 7 in the evening) which I thought was good except that it faded and I did not like the fact that my lips looked shrunk.

The major factor which might really not favour the product is its price! 1300 bucks for a lip pencil! Are you kidding me! (I bought it anyway :P) If it wasn’t for the color, there is no way I would spend so much on a lip liner! And this isn’t a soft orange either. It is a full on bright red orange so it isn’t a color one might wear regularly. So spending so much on something which might not be used regularly is definitely a point to think about.


swiped once

Final word: If it wasn’t for the color this wouldn’t have been on my list. Way too expensive for a lip pencil although the quality and staying power is really good!!

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Which is your favourite lip pencil? Do leave your suggestions below!

  • very expensive..but lovely shade

    • ya Preethi 🙁 The entire Hey, Sailor! collection is priced unusually high. :/

  • thats a unique shade deeps 🙂 surprisingly it doesnt look that matte in the swatch.. I guess its a universal problem with matte lip liners.. I had a similar exp with bhcosmetics lip liners.. my lips looked exactly like a shrunken tomato 🙁

    • It seems pretty creamy while swatching but translates a whole lot differently on the lips.
      Lol so all of us have faced the “shrunken tomoato” problem! and I thought it was only me because of my horrible lips 😀

  • True..this is such a fab shade.Ive seen a similar one in inglot deeps..wil let u know the number soon..i have only one lip pencil from mac from the permanent line..they r quite ok..nothing great..1300 is really heartbreakin..u get a foundi for 1700..MAC is goin crazy..n makin us also macoholics..:)..anyways such fab pics n awesum review

    • lol curse us mac-o-holics!! 😛 we spend more than we earn thanks to mac 😛
      thank you Pree for your encouraging words <3 🙂 each time you say my pics and review are nice it makes my day 🙂

  • hahaha mujhpe line maro 😉 the pencil n swatch r soo different 😀 but loved the color 😀 <3

    • lol 😀
      i guess that is due to the lighting 😀

  • Wow that shade’s got me hook,line and sinker! 😉

    • 😉 hehe.. it is one awesome shade.. would have been a total catch if it wasn’t for the price 😉

  • Shade is amazing and shockingly expensive!

    • the entire Hey, Sailor collection is expensive 🙁

  • I love the shade so much..will look for a dupe of this…but never m i spending 1300 for a lipliner.. Deepsi… i think u got crazy at the MAC Counter ..:p “just kidding” 😉

    • lol 😀 maybe I did go crazy because of the color 😛
      If you find a dupe for it please let me know!! 🙂