Summer, Divassence and Kyra!

The beauty of basking in the sun is always pockmarked and tainted with the fear of suburns, tans and what not. But this summer? This summer looks much cooler than any of the past summers, all thanks to Kyra! From playing volleyball with her friends, drinking something cold to just lolling about under the sun, Kyra’s summer seems simple, but fun, nevertheless. But here’s what I want out of my summer with Kyra – a DivAWESOME time!

With a little “Kyra” in my life, I’d like to add a little “Divassence” in hers! So here’s what I’m looking forward to! A killer shopping time in the streets of Chennai from the resplendent beads of the Gypsies in Besant Nagar, to eating ice-lollies along the sandy beaches, from walking down the crowded lanes of good old Pondy Bazaar to checking out the larger than life brands at Nungambakkam. With a dazzling dose of Lakme’s sunscreen, all that’s left are Divassence’s wise-woman guide on staying cool this summer. So why is it Lakme’s sunscreen (Lakme’s facebook page: right? Because it fulfills the Divassence List!

The worst part of hot weather is the unrelenting supply of UV Rays from the Sun that can damage your skin and expose it to many unwanted consquences. Sunscreens are the perfect ways to beat the propensity for damage. How do you pick what’s right? Divassence! shows you how:

  • Make sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more if you remain outside and exposed to direct sunlight for considerable amounts of time. People whose skin is fairer need sunscreen SPF numbers higher than that of those who have darker skin tones, to work on the melanin-less arena.
  • Make sure to choose a sunscreen that provides protection against various kinds of radiation, including UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • To be able to prevent your sunscreen from being washed away by sweat, always choose a waterproof sunscreen and sweat resistant (or sweat-proof) sunscreen.
  • Always be sure that you pick out a PABA-free sunscreen or Para-aminobenzoic acid. PABA can cause you a skin allergy, resulting in skin irritation, redness, and makes your skin more vulnerable and sensitive to sunlight.
  • Apply a sunscreen with a thick cream 20 minutes before your outdoor activities, and allow it to be absorbed. After 20 minutes exposure to sunlight, apply the sunscreen again.
  • Choose sunscreens based on your skin – dry skin would need more moisture, while oily skin cannot handle more moisture than it already has.
  • Do not forget to always check the expiration date of your sunscreen!
  • Do not use cosmetic products such as powder, foundation, or different types of make-up that also serve as a sunscreen as a substitute for sunscreen.

Kyra and I have perfected our sunscreen picking skills – what about you?

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  • thnx for the tips………they are very useful….:))))

    • you’re welcome Gurparvesh and Welcome to Divassence! 🙂

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    • thank you lancy. Ive added the link now 🙂

  • Written with a lot of spunk. I like it 🙂

    • credit goes to Kirthi. She is taking part on behalf of the blog 😀

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    • thank you Preetha and welcome to Divassence 🙂

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  • Very nicely written Deepika!!! Love your blog.. Being a Chennai’te I know what this post means:) Nice tips as well <3<3

    • Welcome to Divassence! and Thank you 🙂 this post was written by Kirthi who regularly writes for Divassence 🙂