Charmed by Chumbak!

Desi: Check.

Chic: Check.
Classy: Check.

Stylish: Check.

Useful: Check.

The five pronged test is just PERFECTLY fulfilled by everything that Chumbak’s products stand for! I stumbled upon their line of products at Anokhi, Chamiers Road, in Chennai, and then later in Ashvita Bistro’s Masala Chai – where there is a BIGGER range of AWESOME in the form of products 🙂 Chumbak is a completely Desi endeavour, comprising such an Indian charm, and the stylish elegance of handmade class.

So as a little testing-the-waters step, I bought two notebooks (As a real nutty Nerd, Notebooks and Stationery of every kind fascinate me) and two soaps, in Lavender and Mixed Fruit. So here’s the lowdown on the stuff I got!

At first glance, I thought that their products were unfairly priced, at Rs. 100 a handmade soap, and a tiny notebook at Rs. 85. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The notebooks are a really classy affair, and the pages are beautiful, making note-taking a really lovely experience. The soaps, ah well. Where do I begin?

The fragrance is simply authentic and fabulous, the feel is lovely, and the lather is amazing. There was a mild disappointment for me when I wound up mistakenly throwing the Lavender Soap, 🙁 carelessness getting the better of me when I suddenly decided to clean my house.

The Lavender Soap promises the following: It relaxes the body from tension and makes you happy and relaxed after the bath. Ingredients: Lavender oil, Tulsi, Essential oils and Soap base. 75 gms of pure happiness 🙂

The Mixed Fruit Soap promises the following: Mixed Fruit Soap relaxes the body and is a great stress reliever. Not to be eaten with cream. Ingredients: Apricot, Green Apple, Mango and Peach extracts, Essential oils, Glycerine and Soap base. 100 gms of pure happiness 🙂

And here’s the cutest part: An appended Note at the back of the soaps: Do not try and eat it even with ice cream. It looks tempting. It even smells amazing. Resist! To check out everything Chumbak has on offer, you can even shop online at!

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  • bha

    the mixed fruit soap looks really cute

    • Hey it is lovely! You actually have little chunks in between, as if someone baked a cake with fruit chips in them! And it smells fabulous – it’s a great buy!

  • Oooo, a chennai beauty blogger. nice. And I’ve always been curious about Chumbak but never tried them out except for a few keychains etc

    • Thank you, Kofyfat! You should try more – especially their soaps! Which keychains did you pick up?

    • And ooooh yes! We are Chennai bloggers!

  • The mixed fruit soap looks good enough to eat!! yum yum!! btw i loved their flip flops and laptop bags.. but they are way too expensive 🙁

  • RAY

    loved the packaging

    • i loved the packaging too! 😀

  • i got chumbak fridge magnets and them both!!

    • i saw the pic of the mug on your blog! very cute one! <3

  • awww so pretty 😀 All desi handmade stuff r expensive 😐 But they luk so yummy 😀

    • I know, right? I was SO taken in by how eatable they looked!!

  • Want it- Check
    Need It-Check
    Going to shop now- Check 😉 LOL this is seriously rocking,I love desi kitsch

    • hahaha
      want it-check
      Need it-double check
      No money in purse-check 😛
      They have such awesome desi kitsch. Ill probably order something sometime next month 😀

    • Totally! Desi Kitch is all about AWESOME!

  • Ani

    nice re 🙂

  • aaahhhhhhhhhh those soaps 😀 😀 😀 and i too love notebooks.. i just buy them cz they look cute 😛

    • the mixed fruit soap!! sighhh.. i just want to eat it.. 😀 😀

  • This was such a great post!!! The notebooks are my favorite 😀

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