Cucina Hand Cream: Review

Imagine the wafting odours of a pleasant meadow, of fresh aromatic scents. Makes you think of a meadow, doesn’t it? Ah well. Here’s a way to carry that meadow in the palm of your hand, quite literally!

Fruits and Passion’s Cucina Lime and Zest Hand Cream is just that. 🙂 With “crisp, sunny notes of effervescent lime zest mingle with green, naturally aromatic cypress”, the product serves to be therapy for your hands, while also working to create a fragrance that is fresh, pleasant and invigorating!

Here’s what it contains that works on your skin!

  • Olive butter, which nourishes skin and restores its softness.
  • Olive oil unsaponifiables, which offers the key benefits of olive oil and is known for its non-greasy texture. It creates a protective barrier to moisturize, soften and smooth skin.
  • First cold press virgin olive oil: which comes in as a traditional emollient, it helps protect skin and infuses it with essential fatty acids.

Here’s what it promises:
The three extracts in Cucina hand cream combine all the benefits of the olive tree to regenerate skin and improve its elasticity. The product also contains First cold pressed olive oil and olive unsaponifiables nourish and moisturize skin dried out from frequent washing. Olive leaf extract tones and protects a chef’s damaged hands. The product boasts of a harmonious blend of tangy lime zest and woody cypress notes makes for a fresh, sparkling fragrance.

And here’s what it does:
Totally lives up to the hype, with the only exception that there seems to be heavier on the pricing!

What I liked:
1. The fragrance…. WOW!
2. The multiplicity of Olive Oil usage – brilliant moisturizer

What I did not like:
Pricing 🙁 Yikes! USD 13 + a scary shipping rate 🙁 I got lucky when it was sourced for me by a pal, but how many times can I get lucky, right?

Ed’s Note: Reccos of hand creams which have worked for you and available in India are welcome!
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  • i luv using hand creams… they do wonders for ppl lyk me who suffer from hang nails

    • I do suffer from the same Rids 🙁

    • i want to start using a good hand cream and im sooo biased towards the TNC kiwi hand cream 🙂 planning on getting that 😀

  • Nice review 🙂 I could feel how it smells!

    • Kirthi’s description is soooo good na?? I want to go to her place and take away the hand cream from her!!! it is so tempting! 😀

  • i wanna sniff it keerthi 😀 😀 lately i’ve been using oriflame hand cream..wich is ok ok.. i mean i’m doing a lot of home chores wich leave my hands all dried up 😐 soo oriflame one’s not working much.. although at times i’m using nivea hydrating body lotion.. wich is good 🙂

    • try TNC kiwi cream Upsi.. i tried it once in the store and loved it.. need to get it myself 😀

  • Hello ladies! I am so glad you guys liked the piece! Trust me, it smells so lovely… I’ve always dreamed of Mediterranean Gardens, and this is TOTALLY an exposition of that, if I might surmise right!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Deepika <3

  • Nice one Kirthi.. I wonder y I’ve never seen this before…seems really nice..

    • Z! Kirthi has lovely phoren skincare stuff! Lets raid her place! 😛

  • lovely description Kirthi……… also Hi Deepika,i a new to your blog ..will follow it from now on……..I a new blogger in this blogosphere 🙂

    • Welcome to divassence and the blogosphere! <3

  • YAY! Raid away 🙂 😉 LOL. Thanks for the kind comments, you guys.