Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliners: Swatches

Shruthi and I met up at Express Avenue in Chennai one day for some good window shopping. πŸ˜€ And also i had to collect my Inglot gift hamper.  We both were like two kids let loose in a candy store running here and there! In the process we ended up swatching a few things to show you guys. So here are the first set of swatches. We swatched a few of our favourite and “oh so famous” Inglot AMC gel eyeliners. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so these photos were taken on Shruthi’s mobile. The picture might not be very clear but hope it helps!

Price: Rs 680 for 5.5 gms
Why i would buy these as soon as I swatch them (i.e if i was a random customer who walked into the store without knowing much about the product)

  • These are matte gel liners and apt for day wear. 
  • Since Maybelline’s gel liner is available only in black here in India (and other colors abroad btw.. whatte discrimination I say!) the price to pay for these are worth it because a colored liner always gives your eyes that much needed pop of color!
  • Also I had such a difficult time removing it once we finished clicking the pictures! So the staying power is really good.
  • And the quantity in the jar is enough to last a lifetime!

I loved the lime green one (85) and Im planning on getting that next! And also the yellow gel liner is also on my list (not swatched here). Shruthi really liked the eggplant color ones (74 & 75). 

Which is your favourite shade from the Inglot AMC gel eyeliner collection? 
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  • I want all!!! I wish I owned ingot! πŸ™‚

  • Ani

    green and purple are nice..

  • same here :(( i wanted to get the white gel liner very badly but since now Ive gotten Prestige white eye pencil ill see how it works and then get this one .. but me want the liquid blushes and the gel liners!! :((

  • I so wish they weren’t so pricey and had more discounts… M so greedy i. Tell u πŸ™‚

  • Ani

    so think wt is my condition………… mai earningless ladki……… mere liye wish karna bhi gunah :(( :((

  • @Zara me too want discounts and lower prices πŸ˜› but we dont have a choice.. the liquid blush colors are gorgeous and the gel eyeliners in such pretty colors are available only in inglot.. it has a monopoly market when it comes to a lot of products so high prices.. sigh.. =((

  • @Ani Ani.. all this will help you when you start earning.. and hopefully it will help us too once you start earning πŸ˜‰

  • Emm

    Gift hamper?? How?? when?? where? what am I missing????

    Btw, Express avenue reminds me, a friend of a friend was there and she noticed that there were cameras in the trial room!! And I was there just a few days before this incident!! They are scaring us away from trying out clothes:|

  • i want the lime green :(( and egg palnt too πŸ˜› i hope they come up with a sale realy fast.or i’ll end up getting some gel liners frm B & D only ;;)

  • @Emm there was a contest on fb where there were 10 winners evey week.. dint you know about it? ;;)

    OMG!! Which shop had cameras in the trial room?? 😐

  • @jyoti even i want the lime green one :(( I asked my aunt to get me some B&D gel liners from Pune but she dint have the time to go and buy it.. :(( but my uncle said he’ll courier it to me.. but i got two gel liners from maybelline.. a charcoal color and an eggplant one πŸ˜€ courtesy of my aunt who came from the US

  • Yay!! Finally u ve put up the swatches eh! grt!! Wen ru posting the lipstick swatches??

  • Wow!!! these luk super good..I wish I culd just rob the inglot store

  • blue n purple for me,,,blue n purple for meeeeeeeee :):) someone gift me these its new year time na,,, πŸ™‚ :);)

  • Emm

    @Deepika That I dunno!! I will have to ask!! I remember they had quite a big Westside outlet I don’t even remember the rest!

  • Kirthi

    Hey that’s a lovely bunch of shades, Deepika! =)

    Shruti, kudos to your cellphone camera, it’s done justice to Deepika’s swatches =)

  • Wow!! I am panning to get one as soon as a part of my liners are finished. Black and purple for me please….

  • Thanks kirthi πŸ™‚

  • @shruthi tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • @Parul i know! count me in! πŸ˜€ which are your fav inglot pdts?

  • @Namita Namitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. me also want lime green, white and yellow for new year.. πŸ˜€ anybody listening??

  • @Emm Yes it does.. i never try clothes in a store.. but one time i had to at marks and spencers.. :(( hopefully it is not that one

  • @Kirthi my lauu where have you been?? :-/

  • @Nivedita lol πŸ˜€ which brand is your favourite?

  • @Nivedita lol πŸ˜€ which brand is your favourite?

  • Arre Deeps, if u want, ill pick a few for u next time…jus mail me ur contact number…when i go nxt time, ill giv u a buzzz andu can tell me wot u want πŸ™‚

  • seriously?? that is so sweet of you :-*

  • Inglot is pricey here in Australia too, especially when there’s no store anywhere near you, thank goodness for Ebay! πŸ™‚ I have the white and love it, just need to find a better make up remover now lol, thanks for the swatches, I was trying to decide which purple to purchase next.