Avon’s Pro Nail Enamel MATTE in Violetta: Review and Swatches

After a long two week break (it seemed like a really long time to me!) from blogging, Im back. Yay! and I would finally get time to comment on my own blog as well other blogs which I follow πŸ™‚ Thank you all for supporting Divassence while I was away and for your lovely comments. πŸ™‚ 

A few months back Avon launched the matte and intense bright nailpolish collection which were a huge hit. Now they are back on offer this month.

What Avon claims: This sultry polish gives nails the latest look! Velvety color goes on easily and dries to flat, matte finish.

Regular price: Rs 135
Offer price (for the month of December 2011): 1 for Rs 89 and the 2nd one for Rs 69 (A total steal btw!!)
Qty: 8 ml

My take on Avon Pro Nail Enamel MATTE:
When this collection was introduced I was curious to see if the product really lived upto its claim so I bought Violetta from this collection(since I love anything purple and violet).

I love it! I regretted not buying all the five shades at the time of its launch but this month since there is a sale going on I’m planning to get the other 4 shades too! πŸ˜€

Initially I had problems using it since I was just learning how to wear polishes properly. And these dry super fast. So it was a messy job on my nails. It was lying in my cupboard for a long time and  recently when I decided I would try it out again (after “learning how to wear a nailpolish using the 3 stroke method”) I fell in love with it!

It dries way too fast to even think about correcting any mistake. The transformation from the glossy nailpolish to the matte finish on your nails is an awesome transformation to watch. 

This is how it looks on my nails

My application is horrible this time because I wanted to avoid the cuticle area and it went all haywire πŸ˜€

And it does have a double shaded effect which I love!

This one is a must have nailpolish for those of you who love matte finishes! And for those of you who don’t you’ll definitely fall in love with these πŸ˜‰

I would give this a 5/5

Avon’s Pro Nail Enamel MATTE is a part of Divassence’s giveaway goodies! So what are you waiting for?

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  • welcomee backkkkk deepsiiii :X beautifulll shade.. me too gonna get sum avon nps soon ;;) πŸ˜€

  • I dont think your application is shabby. Love the colour. I am still to meet a matte polish I like on me I always put a glossy coat over and defeat the very purpose πŸ˜›

  • @tulips thanks sweetheart! :X Avon nailpolishes are a must have.. Im not saying it because Im a rep πŸ˜› but seriously they are awesome πŸ™‚

  • @nirah thank you Nirah πŸ™‚ Im sure you’ll love this.. The violet is gorgeous.. you wouldnt have the heart to use a glossy coat over it πŸ˜›

  • Nafisa

    Ooh! this is so chic! U pickd the best shade deeps. Wish they’d intoduce more shades in this range

  • Nafisa


  • @Nafisa Thanks Nafisa πŸ™‚ apparently the black and the red ones are also pretty. Will swatch em all when I get this month’s Avon’s package πŸ˜€

  • Ani

    5/5???…………. nice rating… nice shade…..:)……….. deeps. u got 3 mails from me ok???

  • @Ani it def deserves a 5/5 Ani.. provided you know how to use it. It was a bit streaky initially but once you use the right technique it is awesome!! :X its one of my fav nail colors now. Ya i got all your mails

  • looks lovely πŸ™‚ but how long does it last Deeps??? my cement one lasted just for half a day =(( the inky blue lasted for 3 days. So m not tht keen on picking these up blindly.liked the shades a lot bt the lasting power varies from shade to shade n its so very irritating ~x(

  • @jyotithe purple one lasted on me for 4 and a half days to be precise πŸ˜€ but I still lub it :X i heard red velvet lasts for a long time..

  • Avon nail polish are really nice. I bought Avon matte nail polish with 30% discount by using Avon Coupon Codes.

  • @canny Welcome to Divassence Canny!! πŸ™‚ In India we dont have coupon codes for Avon πŸ™ we have to rely on the monthly offers in the Avon brochure :((

  • Anonymous

    While I loved the colour( I have the purple one too) I found it chips WAYYY to easily and that’s annoying.

    • matte nailpolishes do chip easily.. this lasted on me for 4 and half days which i found to be really good for a matte np.. the rest of the colors from this collection hardly lasted for a day or two πŸ™‚